50 Most Popular Women In Sport

50 Most Popular Women

July 14th, 2020   |   Updated on April 8th, 2023

Fitness is in demand these days as both men and women slog to keep the calories away. However, there are definitely some people who do it more aggressively than the others too.

Such men and women live on the edge striving every day to beat others in achieving their targets. Here we share with you the 50 most popular women that are worth mentioning.

1. Elena Delle Donne

Elena Delle Donne

At height 6.5 Elena is definitely a class apart. She bagged the third season of being a forward with the Chicago Sky. Elena works out diligently at the Hockessin Athletic club where she works hard on her footwork and hand-eye coordination.

2. Darya Klishina

A Russian Darya is a long jumper and trains at the IMG Academy in Florida. She loves being in the outdoors and her Insta is full of pictures of her doing stand- up paddle boarding along with spending a decent time in the gym.

3. Ireen Wust

Dutch by birth Ireen is an all-round speed skater. To build up her endurance she works her legs on a bike religiously. You would also find her in the gym doing box squats so as to give strength to her feet.

4. Genzebe Dibaba

This Ethiopian star is the most dominant middle-distance runner in the world. Last year she broke an impossible record in the 1500-meter race. Her aerobic stunts provide her the capacity to excel at all levels.

5. Kacy Catanzaro

Though only 5 feet in height Kacy proved that size is not a deterrent for the right potential. She is the first woman to complete the American Ninja Obstacle course. At the gym, she targets bodyweight circuit training and practices on obstacles to achieve her goals.

6. Jessi Stensland

Jessi Stensland

She may not be a mainstream athlete but has the endurance and capacity to be one. Jessi was a Division 1 swimmer before she entered the endurance sports circuit and became a triathlete. To remain on top she practices parkour and all its other activities.

7. Christie Rampone

At age 40 you might think Christie would want to slow down. In her 20-year-old career, she has won three Olympic gold medals and two world cup titles too. She is the USWINT captain and that is because of the strict workout regimen she follows every day.

8.Mariana Pajon

She has more than a dozen world championships along with an Olympic medal to her name. At the age of 24, this bike rider practices all her killer moves on it. Apart from that she plays tennis, does Pilates, and includes gymnastics in her workouts.

9. Lindsay Vonn

She is one of the six women who have bagged the world championships in alpine skiing. Her mental strength is worth talking about especially as has bounced back many times after getting injuries. She has worked rather hard on her body and includes beach sprints to stay in shape.

10. Danica Patrick

By now she has been a part of 7 NASCAR seasons and that is not a mean feat. She does CrossFit to keep going and has recently started dabbling In Yoga as well. While the workouts help her to keep her upper body fit the yoga helps her to build endurance.

11. Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins

This 25-year-old suffered a major injury last season but that has not dampened her spirits at all. Her circuit training sessions involve cardio, strength training, and basketball as part of her regular routine.

12. Mattie Rogers

This 20-year-old is a weightlifter by profession. She started off with CrossFit but missed being a part of the US team for Rio. But, Mattie has already broken 8 records and is trying hard to become a weightlifting star.

13. Sloane Stephens

At Rank 21, Sloane has three WTA titles this year. She does a severe workout in the morning followed by some hours in the tennis courts. From doing battle ropes on Basu balls to attempting push-ups she keeps her fitness levels intact.

14. Lolo Jones

33-year-old Jones trains for two sports i.e. hurdling and bobsledding. She also faced many injuries but came out of the same. At presents, Jones endorses Orangetheory fitness, a format which includes a treadmill, rowing machine, TRX training, etc.

15. Kristin Armstrong

Three-time world champion in cycling Armstrong has won an Olympic medal too. She has also been a triathlete, swimmer, and long-distance runner as well. Though she took a break to raise her son at 42 she is trying her best to win a medal again.

16.Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott

She is an Olympic lifter, trainer, and NASCAR pit crew front TV changer. Abbott wasn’t always a top-class athlete but she does keep her fitness levels high. She also helps others at her CrossFit facility.

17. Dafne Schippers

A sprinter Schippers is a 2015 world champion of 200 meters. She does her training in Florida and box jumps more than 50 inches. You can also reach out to her on her blog Dafne likes where she shares her recipes and workout ideas.

18. Camille Leblanc Bazinet

Bazinet achieved success when she became the female winner of the 2014 CrossFit games though she was a successful weightlifter even before that. Her workouts can put any other normal person to shame.

19.Katarina Johnson Thompson

At 23 years Thompson is being vouched as the next best thing in British sports. She adds gymnastics, boxing, and other sports in order to keep her stamina and fitness intact.

20. Kayla Harrison

Kayla started her Judo practice when she was just six years of age. In the 2012 Olympics, she managed to win the gold medal which was extraordinary. She uses circuit-based workouts to keep herself in good shape.

21. Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate

She joined the UFC in 2013 and at present is the current Bantamweight champion. Now the 29-year-old is practicing hard to tackle Amanda Nunes at UFC 200. This involves footwork drills with ladder and sparring sessions.

22. Candace Parker

Parker is a two-time WNBA MVP and she believes in showing her performance on the field each time. Whether it is pull-ups, or battle ropes and sled pulls this 30-year-old mom really works hard to achieve her goals.

23. Hannah Teeter

Being a two-timed Olympic champion in halfpipe snowboarding Hannah is also the winner of 7 X games medals. The diverse workouts she practices give her endurance and strength to win each time.

24.Sally Fitzgibbons

Fitzgibbons ranked 6 on the WSL 2016 championship her focus on maintaining health and fitness is exemplary. You will find the surfer doing running, swimming, boxing, biking, and hiking when she is not in the waters.

25. Michelle Waterson

Waterson is a mixed martial arts player and has trained in various forms of it like Wushu, Muay Thai and boxing, and wrestling. A full-time mommy otherwise she includes MMA sparring, cardiovascular work, and kickboxing as part of her schedule.

26. Talayna Fortunato

Talayna Fortunato

A CrossFit games athlete, Fortunato is a physical therapist, former collegiate gymnast and her workouts are as varied can be. They involve basic cardiovascular work, like running and biking and yoga and gymnasts as compliments.

27. Charlotte

Ashley Fliehr’s athletic abilities extend beyond her WWE achievements. Actively participating in gymnastics for 7 years, she has won three cheerleading national championships. Using everything from kettlebells and pull up bars Flieher keeps her workouts rather extensive.

28. Misty Copeland

A person with varied talents, Misty is a ballet dancer, endorsed by Under Armour, and an active member of the President’s council for sports and nutrition. She is has written a book detailing exercise regimens and other tips to get a ballet dancer type body.

29. Brianne Theisan Eaton

Eaton is the wife of Ashton Eaton who is a top athlete in the reckoning. However, Brianne is no less and has won the 2016 world indoors championships Pentathlon that was conducted in Portland.

30. Amelia Boone

She is the three-time winner of the world’s toughest Mudder and a corporate bankruptcy attorney. Boone started off her fitness passion with CrossFit and her workout involves some of its exercises even now.

31. Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin

A four-time Olympic gold medallist Franklin owns the world record in the 200-meter backstroke. She works diligently with agility coach Loren Landow for dryland training and hopes to achieve her best in performance.

32. Ronda Rousey

Though she was defeated by Holly Holm in her last match her spirits are still high. In order to get over the injuries she received, she is using weight lifting, swimming, and hard workouts with her coach Edmond Traverdyan.

33. Maya Moore

She was named the WNBA MVP in the year 2014 she uses various footwork drills and lifts in the gym to in order to maintain the strength. Moore also uses high rep, lower weight exercises to build a strong conditioning base for herself.

34. Ali Kreiger

She is the Washington spirit defender and is also the fastest 2015 world cup champion. Her strength and explosiveness come from soccer ball workouts and plyometrics that she indulges in.

35. Gabby Douglas

She won the team gold and all-rounder models in the 2012 Olympics. Though just managing to reach 4’11 in height she was named the Flying Squirrel. Her gym workouts ensure that she remains agile and graceful in all her gymnastic events.

36. Samantha Briggs

Samantha Briggs

Despite receiving a rather bad injury in 2013 she still won the CrossFit championship in the same year. A regular participant in the event she also plays soccer, and indoor rowing competitions, etc.

37. Ashima Shiraishi

The New York-born Ashima is considered to be one of the greatest rock climbers ever seen. In climbing even the most difficult of routes she can literally be seen gliding over the mountains. She works outdoors and climbs to achieve the strength needed.

38. Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce

Her small stature and explosive nature got her the title “Pocket Rocket.” She wants to be the first woman to win more than 3 medals in the 100-meter race and her workouts are indulged with this thought in mind.

39. Meghan Duggan

A two-time Olympic silver medallist uses circuit training to achieve speed, training, and acceleration during the game. In order to become a better ice skater, the focus on her workouts remains on her legs. She uses squats and Omegawave technology in order to track her performance and ability to excel.

40. Jean Suhr

A pole Vaulter she has maintained the number title for the last two years. Jean has won 15 US national championships in her career. Suhr indulges in two buildings located behind her home and Pilates are an integral part of her schedule.

41. Kerri Walsh Jennings

Kerri Walsh Jennings

A three-time gold medallist Kerri incorporates different modules in her workouts. These include Pilates, Olympic lifts, and plyometrics along with hours of volleyball practice.

42. Holly Holm

Also known as the preacher’s daughter she has won titles in both boxing and martial arts. Working on her power, agility, and strength she spends numerous hours in training to get that stage.

43. Maggie Steffens

Maggie won a gold medal in London in 2012 as part of the US water polo team. Her stellar level of fitness makes her an instant winner and she adds pull-ups, ab workouts, and other exercises in order to remain on top.

44. Claressa Shields

Starting her boxing at the age of 11 years, Shields became the first woman to become a winner of a boxing gold medal. Powerful and dedicated to winning more medals she does boxing drills, lifting, running, and pushups and sit-ups to keep the fire in her burning.

45. Gwen Jorgenson

A runner and swimmer Gwen started in 2010 but achieved success soon enough. She won 12 ITU World Triathlon series in the year 2014-15 which is not easy. To stay fit she bikes and swims and keeps her stamina in top-notch.

46. Serena Williams

Serena Williams

She is a 21-time Grand Slam winner and WTA world No 1. Her unmatched tennis skills achieve dexterity due to the precision and finesse she possesses.

47. Katie Ledecky

A swimming sensation she won the 800-meter freestyle in the London Olympics when she was barely 15. The next two world championships also got her gold medals and a winning streak that no can think of mastering.

48. Simone Biles

An all-round champion Simone trains for 32 hours every week to achieve a skill level that is unbeatable. Her body shows tremendous power and her grace and precision win her many accolades.

49. Allyson Felix

A sprinting star since school days she managed to win a silver medal in the 200-metre race in 2004. Later she added some 18 different medals at different levels out of which 13 were gold. Her attention to preparation and finesse in the following fitness goals is unmatchable.

50. Jessica Ennis Hill

Jessica Ennis Hill

She surpassed everyone and shocked everyone by winning the gold medal. A heptathlete she is a mere 5.5 feet and is a stunning combination of speed, power, and athletic technique.