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7 Symptoms Of Hypertension Everyone Should Know

Symptoms Of Hypertension

January 23rd, 2017   |   Updated on September 20th, 2019

Hypertension not only comes uninvited but is also pretty much quiet, so nearly undetected that nearly all those who actually have it, don’t even know they have it unless you go for regular check-ups. You may look out for some of the symptoms of hypertension like fatigue, confusion, severe headache, chest pain, eye problems, blood in the urine, irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing and pounding feelings in ears, neck, and chest to get suspicious of hypertension.

7 Symptoms Of Hypertension

1. Severe Headache

Severe Headache Sign of Hypertension


2. Fatigue Or Confusion

hypertension due to confusion

3. Vision Problems

Vision problem is a Symptoms of Hypertension


4. Chest Pain

Chest pain due to hypertension

5. Difficulty Breathing

Difficulty in breathing Symptoms of Hypertension


6. Irregular Heartbeat

irregular heart beat due to high blood pressure

7. Blood In The Urine

blood in urine due to high bp