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9 Amazing Gift Choices This Diwali Make Your Love Cheery


November 7th, 2015   |   Updated on September 16th, 2021

1. Contemporary Desserts

Show your beloved that you know your way in their heart with these contemporary dessert.

Contemporary Desserts

Image source: kimberlykv


2. Exclusive Hampers

Send exclusive gift in hamper to your loved once in this Diwali.

Exclusive Hampers

Image credits: Westin Gurgaon


3. Buy Them Movie Tickets

Buy them movie tickets of their favorite star coming on this Diwali.

movie tickets

Image source: BroCode.com


4. Spa Passes

Because everyone deserves some time off after days of hosting family members, right?

Spa passes

Available here: kempinski.com


5. Dry Fruits

There are so many options out there! Get a box packed with one of each. Your friends will appreciate the gift and if they have kids, you’ll be the new favorite uncle or aunt.

4.Dry Fruits

Image source: franganillo


6. Customised Stationery

It’s a sharp and smart gift. And you know they are not going to be passed on to their relatives.

Customised stationery

Image source: MobileIndustryReview.com


7. Get Them A Kindle Or Just A Hamper Of Books

You can’t go wrong there if the person who will receive the gift is a reader. And you know they’ll appreciate the heck out of it.

book hamper

Image source: pritya-books


8. Nifty Gadgets

Most people claim to be tech freaks, so buy them something new and trendy that connects with their iPhone and they will remember you every time they plug the product to charge it.

Nifty Gadgets

Available here


9. Gift Cards

Let them deal with it. You gave them cash. You can’t go wrong with cash. You just can’t.

Amazon Gift card

Get this one here


Source: scoopwhoop; ndtv 

Image source: dhinalchheda

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