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‪‎97 Amul Ads That Have Made The Nation Utterly Butterly All The Time!

Amul Ads That Have Made The Nation Utterly Butterly

April 13th, 2016   |   Updated on August 26th, 2020

Amul Butter ads have always captured the imagination of the nation with their witty taglines, humorous ideas, and quirky concepts, appearing on billboards and newspapers for years.

The Amul advertisement saga began in 1966, when the company approached Mumbai-based daCunha Communications driven by the father-son duo Sylvester daCunha and Rahul daCunha to design a new ad campaign for Amul Butter.

And so the “Utterly butterly Amul!” was born in 1966. Since then, the Amul girl, the impish poppet, dressed in a polka-dotted frock and head-bow has been enthralling and captivating the Indian psyche with her cleverly penned puns, which are topical, witty, pithy and precise. Manish Jhaveri  is the man, who has been writing the scripts for these hoardings since 1995.

Amul Butter advertisements have always been a step ahead with their print ads, always advertising with themes ranging from politics, social issues, sports, movies, or pop-culture to just about anything!  Take a look at some of the best Amul ads over the years.

Before delving into the 97 Amul ads, here are a few recent Amul ads that have made the nation drooling over its advertisements:

Two Parties Release Their Manifestos….


Congress President To Contest From Two Seats In Lok Sabha 2019!


India, 4th Nation To Test Anti-satellite Missile!


And So The Drama And Dhamaal Of IPL-12 Begins!


Mukesh Ambani Clears Anil Ambani’s Dues…


Grounding Of Airlines Inconveniencing Passengers..


Tribute To Revered Politician And Leader…


The Frenchman Returns As Coach To Spanish Club!


900 Million Set To Vote In Massive Election – Lok Sabha 2019!


Celebrating International Women’s Day…


Our ODI Team achieves Landmark!


1. ‪‎Amul‬ On The Success Of Mowgli’s Epic Blockbuster



2. ‪‎Amul‬ On Red Carpet Treatment For Royalty!

Red carpet treatment


3. ‪‎Amul‬ On Maharashtra Drought – IPL Venue Shift?



4. ‪‎Amul‬ On West Indies Rule T20 Cricket!

West Indies rule T20 cricket


5. ‪‎Amul‬ On Dhoni Turns Interviewer At Press Con!

Dhoni turns interviewer


6. ‪‎Amul‬  Tribute To Pathankot Bravehearts

Pathankot bravehearts


7. ‪‎Amul‬ On Pageant Host Blunders! Miss Universe 2015

Pageant host blunders


8. ‪‎Amul‬  On DDCA Row!

DDCA row


9. Amul On Chennai Flood

Chennai fights


10.  ‪‎Amul On End Of The Road For The Ambassador Car!

End of the road for the car


11. ‪‎Amul‬ On Modi’s Swearing-in Ceremony, 2014!

Modi’s swearing-in ceremony


12. ‪‎Amul‬ On Kejriwal Refuses To Pay Bail Bond

Kejriwal refuses


‪‎13. Amul‬ On BJP Sweeps The Polls

BJP sweeps the polls


‪‎14. Amul‬ Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela


15. ‪‎Amul‬ Tribute  To Paul Walker

RIP Paul Walker


16. ‪‎Amul‬ On Taliban’s Ban On Pak Media Praising Sachin



17. ‪‎Amul‬ Take On Dhyan Chand Deserving The Bharat Ratna

Dhyan Chand


18. ‪‎Amul‬ On  Women Safety

women be safe


19. ‪‎Amul‬ On  Indian Olympic Association….suspended

Indian Olympic Association


20. ‪‎Amul‬ On Ang Lee’s Movie Life Of PI



21. ‪‎Amul‬ On Being Official Sponsor Of Indian Olympic Team



22. ‪‎Amul‬ Wishing Amitabh Bachchan A Speedy Recovery, Feb’12

B in gud health soon


‪‎23. Amul‬ On Activist Hazare’s Anti – Corruption Rally



‪‎24. Amul‬ On Bollywood Release ‘Don 2’, Dec’11



25. ‪‎Amul‬ Take On Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega



26. ‪‎Amul‬ On Cut It UP!

Cut it UP


27. ‪‎Amul‬ On The Popular Bollywood Couple Expecting A Child



‪‎‪‎28. Amul‬ On Omar Abdullah Elected Chief Minister Of Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir


‪‎29. Amul‬  On Khan Can Sing!

khan can sing


30. ‪‎‪‎Amul‬ On  Rising Fuel Pricing

cant afford this filling


31. Amul‬ On IPL First Season, 2008

Indian premier lick


32. Amul‬ On Dalai Lama Getting Nobel Peace Prize!

cheeni dum


33. Amul‬ On Coach Controversy



‪‎34. Amul‬ On Shilpa Shetty & Richard Gere Kiss Controversy, 2007 !

kiss kis par case


35. Amul‬ On Safe Investment



36. Amul‬ On Wardrobe Malfunction On Ramp!



37. Amul‬ On Dance Bar Controversy



38. ‪‎Amul‬ On KBC!

umeed se good


39. Amul‬ On Bollywood Flick Yuva!



40. ‪‎Amul‬ On Posh. Not Spicy

at his beck and call


41. Amul‬ On  James Bond!



42. ‪‎Amul‬ On Phone War Controversy!

phoney war


43. ‪‎Amul‬ On SRK’s Movie Devdas!



44. ‪‎‪‎Amul‬ On Khelo India Khelo Campaign!



‪‎45. Amul‬ On Monkey Menace!



46. ‪‎Amul‬ On Tendulkar!



‪‎47. Amul‬ On E-mail!!

love you



48. Amul‬ On Bull About Cows!

about cow


49. ‪‎Amul‬ On Mumbai Bus Strike!

bus stop


50. Amul‬ On Hollywood Blockbuster Titanic!

make for ever


‪‎‪‎51. Amul‬ On Amitabh Bachchan’s Disastrous Film `MRITYU DATA’

marit you


‪‎52. Amul‬ On The Mad Cow Disease!

union jacked


‪‎53. Amul‬ Ten Du-Ten Don’t Campaign!

ten dus


54. ‪‎Amul‬ On KFC Controversy!



55. Amul On India Winnig A Gold Medal In Commonwealth Games!



‪‎56. Amul‬ On Manmohan Singh’s Liberalisation Policy

Be indian


‪‎57. Amul‬ On Open Sky Policy!

sky policy


58.  Amul On Defeat Of The Indian Hockey Team At The Olympics,1992!

olimpics 92


‪‎59. Amul‬ On Popular Amitabh Bachchan Film “Khuda Gawah”

hamesha house full


60. ‪‎Amul‬ On Maradona Complains Foul Play Against Him!

marad ona


61. ‪‎Amul‬ On Ms. Bhutto Back To A Domestic Lifestyle!

return to pak


62. Amul‬ On Fuel Hike!

this fuel


63. ‪‎Amul‬ On Football Sensation Diego Maradona, 1986!



‪‎64. Amul‬ On Popularity Of The Serial ‘Mahabharata’



65. ‪‎Amul‬ On Richard Hadlee Breaking Kapil Dev’s Record For Maximum Wickets!



66. Amul‬ On Divide And Drool Campaign!



67. ‪‎Amul‬ On V.P. Singh Elected From Allahabad!



68. ‪‎Amul‬ On The Russian Cultural Festival Held In India



69. Amul‬ On Ivan Lendl Returns In The US Open!



70. ‪‎‪‎Amul‬ On Celebrating The Ganapati Festival!



‪‎71. Amul‬ On Return Of Shri Sharad Pawar As Chief Minister Of Maharashtra, 1987!



‪‎72. Amul‬ On The State Of Affairs In India At That Time

bright spot


‪‎73. Amul‬ On John McEnroe Using Abusive Language On The Tennis Court!



74. ‪‎Amul‬ On Americans Boycott Of The Moscow Olympics,1980!

get the gold


75. ‪‎Amul‬ On Telecast Of A Popular TV Serial “Different Strokes”



76. Christmas Time And Amul!



‪‎77. Amul‬ On Souyuz In Space!



78. Sunil Gavaskar’s Amul Hoarding Record!



‪‎79. Amul‬ On CIA Accuses Shri Morarji Desai Of Corruption!

eat amul


‪‎80. Amul‬ On Famous Song “Khaike Paan Benaraswala”!



81. ‪‎Amul‬ On The Roza Fast!




82. Amul‬ On Policemen Asking For Increase In Salary!



‪‎83. Amul‬ On Hollywood movie Kramer vs. Kramer, 1979!



‪‎84. Amul‬ On Björn Borg!



85. ‪‎Amul‬ On Vintage Car Models!



86. ‪‎Amul‬ On Executives Get A Better Deal After The Budget!



87. Amul On Lata Mangeshkar  Being Conferred With An Honorary Doctorate!



‪‎88. Amul‬ On Dismal Performance Of The National Cricket Team,1979!



89. ‪‎Amul‬ On The Film ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’



90. ‪‎Amul‬ On First Escalator At Chowpatty Seaface, Mumbai, 1979!



‪‎91. Amul‬ On Load Shedding Situation!



92. ‪‎Amul‬’s “You Can’t Beat This Yellow Column” Campaign!



93. ‪‎Amul‬ On Bengali Music Festival!



‪‎94. Amul‬ On The Big Payoff



‪‎95. Amul‬ On Compulsory Sterilisation Introduced During Indira Gandhi Regime,1976!



96. Amul‬’s ” When Helmets Were Made Compulsory In Bombay” Campaign!



97. Amul‬ On Maintenance Of Internal Security Act Introduced During Emergency


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