Bail Bond – Important Questions You Need To Ask

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May 5th, 2019   |   Updated on April 24th, 2020

Life is not always fair! Sometimes, innocent people have to be there in prison for someone else’s wrongdoing.

Or it could be an unfavorable time that a person is going through which makes him/her undergo jail time. No one wants to see their loved one behind bars for doing no crime.

You can always hire the best attorney and ensure that your dear one wins the case and is set free.

But that will take time. And during this time, your loved one needn’t stay at jail. You can provide a bail bond and get him/her out of prison with a bail bond.

For this, you need to get in touch with a local bail agent. But that is not all. You also need to know the importance about bail bond to understand how the process works.

Discussed below are some of the essential questions that you should ask your bail bond agent from Atlanta bail bonds.

1. What Is A Bail Bond?

Bail Bond

The people who get accused of any crime have to post bail for getting their freedom from prison. The detainee’s friends or family can pay the full bail money at the prison.

However, when there is a lack of fund, a bail bond agent or company comes to use. The agent pays the bail money. It is called the surety bail bond. Under this bail, the defendant is out of the prison, but he/she has to attend the court proceedings.

2. Who Is A Consigner Or Indemnitor?

Simply put, a consigner or an Indemnitor is one who has agreed to be financially accountable for the full bail bond money. He/she is also the one that ensures the defendant will make court appearances.

Till such time the defendant makes his/her court visit, the consigner will not get forced to pay anything extra except the defendant’s bail bond premium.


3. Is The Bail Money Refundable?

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The bail bond money can be best defined as a standard fee. It gets regulated and established by the State itself.

The moment a bail bond gets posted as well as accepted by the prison or court, the local bail agent takes complete accountability. Here a bail bond premium gets earned and can’t get refunded.


4. How Much Time Does It Take To Release A Defendant?

Once all the required documentation gets completed, the bail bond gets presented in the jail or court by the bail agent.

The exact time the jail or court takes for processing the bail bond varies.

It depends on the size and workload of the facility. The moment the bail bond gets presented to the jail or court, the local bail bond agent gets in touch with the indemnitor, suggesting about the time for releasing the defendant.


5. Where Should A Bail Bond Get Posted?

Generally, a bail bond gets posted in jails, police stations and mostly in courts.

The majority of prisons today take in the bail bonds all seven days of the week and round the clock.

These are some of the essential questions that you must ask your local bail bond agent.

As your court case gets processed, you can also ask other queries that you might have.