3 Secrets To Getting The Best Deal On Your Next Car

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April 24th, 2019   |   Updated on April 26th, 2019

Buying a new car is an exciting time. It’s also an expensive time too. Even with a car finance deal, you can find yourself paying through the nose to get your new vehicle.

We’re sure you have those friends who claim to have got a great deal on their new cars, yet for some reason, you can never seem to claim any kind of discount for yourself.

This is probably because nobody has ever told you about the 3 secrets that can help you get the best deal on a new car.

We will though, plus we’ll also give you some tips to help you sell your old car if you take a look at our previous post. Read on and you will save yourself bucket loads of money.


1. Always Find Alternative Deals Elsewhere And Use Them To Haggle

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Up until now, you have probably been going straight to the car dealership and asking them politely for a discount. Maybe you have even been playing hard to get to see if you can get the salesman to lower the price a bit.

Unfortunately, this often just doesn’t work. Salesmen know when they have got you and they also know how much to drop a price by to lure you in and this is often not an amount that will be significant to you.

To get the best deals, you need to know what else is around so that you can quote them accurately when you are with the salesman.

If they can see that you know your stuff they are more likely to drop the price to be competitive with the rest of the market. Make sure you shop around for your new car, it really will pay off when it comes to haggling.


2. Save Money On Your Car Finance If The Dealer Won’t Budge On Price

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Sometimes dealers just won’t budge on price but you can compensate for this by saving money on the finance to buy your new vehicle.

Make sure you get quotes from lots of car finance companies so that you can find the best deals and save yourself a bit of money on those monthly repayments.

Plus, if the dealership won’t help you by giving you a bit of money off why should you just blindly take the finance option from them? Punish them a bit by going elsewhere and then at least they won’t be able to make a commission on introducing you to their finance company.


3. Buy Nearly-new Rather Than Brand New To Take Advantage Of Rapid Depreciation

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Brand new cars lose around 11% of their value as soon as they drive off of the forecourt. After a year the value will have decreased by around 25%. If you buy a nearly new car you can make the most of this loss in value.

Sure, your car won’t be brand new but for a 25% discount, it could be worth buying a car that is a little older. Plus, who wants a brand new car that is effectively losing them money the minute they start the engine anyway?