5 Helpful Instagram Tips For Newbies

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April 9th, 2019   |   Updated on December 29th, 2023

From a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram has become one of the most popular and most important social media tools today.

It’s not just ordinary people that use it, but even established businesses and influencers have their own Instagram account and use it to communicate it with their followers or market their products.

If you have an Instagram account and you want to have more followers to engage with your account, you can always go with automatic Instagram likes so that more people can see how good your posts are. You can also try some of the tips listed below.

Instagram Tips For Beginners

1. Curate Your Photos

In the past, you can just post anything you want on your Instagram or any other social media account and nobody would care.

But in this day and age, a lot of people are careful with the photos they post.

If you are aiming to present a feed that is artistic and really eye-catching, you need to curate and choose your photos carefully.

You want to present your followers with something that can make them engage with your post. Only post pictures that are of high-quality.

Some even go as far as having a color theme for their account, with some accounts focusing on black and white photos while others post a similar color scheme in all their posts.

2. Post Regularly

There are so many Instagram users, and whether you want to establish yourself as a brand influencer or just become more popular among your friends, you will need to keep your followers always anticipating your posts.

Don’t post 10 photos in one day then not post anything at all for the next two weeks.

Keep their interest by posting regularly. Just post once a day and that will be enough to keep them coming to your account for more.

3. Interact With Your Followers

instagram tips for beginners

Don’t be a snob on Instagram. When your followers leave a comment and like your photos, show your appreciation by thanking them and also replying to their questions.

Do this especially for those who regularly like and comment on your photos because you know that they regularly check your account.

You can even go as far as going to your followers’ account and liking and commenting on their photos in return.

If you come off as a snob on your account, you will be sure to lose followers.

4. Make Use Of The Instagram Features

The great thing about Instagram is that they always try to add features that would appeal to their users.

Make use of the Instagram stories and also hashtags.

For the latter, try to look at the most popular ones so that people who do not follow will be able to stumble upon your account through hashtags.

Just make sure you are using the right hashtag that is really connected to your content and not just for users to click on your photo.

5. Do A Shoutout With Other Users

If you want to find followers, one of the best strategies is to do a shout out with another user. This way, your followers will go to their account and vice versa for you.

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