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Tips To Follow For Those Who Are Looking To Choose Horse Training As A Career

Horse Training

May 5th, 2019   |   Updated on May 7th, 2019

Horse training refers to the training of a horse by a human. Horse training is a difficult job at hand and to be able to train a horse for any activity be it a sport or a recreational activity or any other such activities requires a lot of skills. Horse trainers are well skilled, and they are perfect in their training pursuits.

Horse training requires a person to have a fair amount of experience in the field because to be in charge of an animal is not an easy task. Animals are unpredictable, and they can harm you in the pursuit, and the trainers should have a good relationship with the horse too. D Cappel Horsemanship offers the best horse training, and it allows you to have a better connection with the horses.

Horse training is not for everyone, and its challenges are greater than you can imagine. Training a horse requires skills and a lot of patience because only when the horse start trusting in you then only can you teach it anything at all and that will take time.


A. To Be Able To Train A Horse Requires These Factors To Be Considered

Horse Training

 1. The Skill Of The Trainer

The trainer should be skilled to be able to control a horse. He/she should also be a rider.A trainer should be prepared in his mind the hard road that lies ahead of him or her. It’s not an easy task to manage a horse let alone training one. To be able to train the horse the trainers should have some experience in this field.Horses like any pets are unpredictable and are capable of harming you if they feel threatened in their environment; hence it’s important for the trainer to make the horse very comfortable in its environment.


2. Experience Of The Trainers

The trainers will take years to train a horse, but that too varies from many factors. Experienced trainers could gain the trust of the horse easily and could train him without much hassle, but the horse is an animal which takes a good amount of time to warm up to anyone so it’ll take around a year even by an experienced trainer to train a horse.


3. The Horses And Ponies


The horses are social animals and are friendly toward humans they can be trained and tamed, but the horses are more difficult to train as compared to the ponies. Once the horse is well grown and reached beyond is growing days it becomes stronger to humans.

And also gets bigger and it can disobey easily and give the trainer a hard time, but ponies are simpler to train since their birth ponies are undertaken to fit into becoming a well-trained horse in the future because the ponies are smaller than the human it is much easier to handle a pony. Ponies can be well trained within months, and it is obedient towards their trainers.


B. Horse Training Falls Under Two Categories

Horse Training

Horse training mostly falls under two categories the first is groundwork and the second is under saddle training

1. Groundwork

All the basics fall under groundwork to teach a horse how to lift its feet, to teach it how to lead and lunge in circles all falls under groundwork. A horse will learn as much as the trainer teaches so teaching him the basics is not too easy as it sounds because to teach a horse how to pick up its feet from the ground is a difficult task in hand.


2. Under Saddle Training

Under saddle, training is to improve the horse physical condition and also improve the horse athleticism.


C. Equipment Used To Train A Horse

Horse Training

1. Halter And A Rope

To teach the horse the basic all you require is a rope and a halter. The halter is a head collar used to tie the head of the horse, and a rope is attached to it to be able to keep the horse in control.

The halter is worn on the head of the horse, and it is used to lead or tie up the horse, the halter will either be made of nylon or leather.

The rope, on the other hand, should be of a strong built and easy to fit in your hand; this will give you the chance to be able to hold on to the horse with ease.


2. Whip Or A Stick

The other items used by trainers are a stick and a whip. The whip is a controversial item because many may misuse it and abuse the horse in the process but when used in the right way the whip is useful in training the horse.

The best way to train the horse is by whipping it slowly and gently occasionally when it makes mistakes this will teach the horse that it’s doing something the wrong way. The stick is also used in the same manner as the whip; they are used gently towards the horse.


3. Saddle

Another item used by the trainer is the saddle. The saddle is heavy equipment, and it will take the horse some time to adjust to it. At first, the saddle should be used just for a few minutes and with time the usage time can also be increased.

Getting the right saddle is very important too. A saddle that fits easily for both the horse and rider is ideal. Getting a saddle that has an ill-fitting is bad for the horse as this will cause uneasiness to the horse and its movement might be hampered. So getting an expensive saddle which fits the horse well will be the ideal choice.


4. Bridle

Another accessory useful in horse training is the bridle. The bridle in a headband that holds the bit that extends to the mouth of the horse and the reins attached to the bit. The bridle is used to direct the horse. The bridle is very helpful for the trainers as they can maneuver the horse with ease with the use of the bridle.

These are some of the accessories that you can use during horse training.