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How To Download Vimeo Videos With Ease And For Free

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Published on April 12th, 2019

Many online courses that you will find on the Internet use Vimeo to host your videos. Vimeo is by far the most popular service used by many trainers. However, you will see that most of these courses do not allow you to download their videos. Today I want to explain how to download Vimeo videos for free when the online course does not offer you this option by default.


Why Would I Want To Download The Videos From An Online Course?

One of the things that I always defend when creating an online course is to offer maximum ease so that the participant can download and consume the work materials (videos, ebooks, audios, etc.) whenever and wherever. For me, this is one of the most important and attractive benefits of online training.

However, in the case of Vimeo private video, as many courses and online events are mounted, their contents can only be viewed through the respective website of the course. Every time you want to watch a video you are forced to log in (enter your username and password), go to the video page and have to play it online.


Why Limit The Where And When I Do An Online Course?

I think that a user does not have the option to download the videos of a course for which he has paid (or even being free) is a limitation and therefore, is a barrier (although it is considered as minimal for some) in their learning.

First, it forces you to be physically in a place where you need to have a decent Internet connection, so the “where you want” part is no longer possible. And you will say, “but you can use the mobile data”. Yes, but if you want to watch the videos with a minimum of quality, each one may occupy hundreds of megabytes. And this means that if you want to see them from a mobile phone or tablet and have a mobile data rate that is not very generous, you will quickly exhaust it.

Embarking on the plane in my case, for example, I sometimes take trips by train or plane to see the videos of different online courses I am doing. But of course, for that I have to have downloaded them before.

It is for this same reason that audiovisual entertainment companies such as Netflix immediately offered the possibility to their customers to download the episodes and movies to see them offline.

The only case in which I could understand that it is justified to limit the option of downloading the videos is if there are interactive elements in the video that must be executed while being connected to the Internet (links to online questionnaires, forums, chats, etc.).

How to download private Vimeo videos? You need special software to download Vimeos videos for free!


How To Download Private Vimeo Videos?

1. You need to launch iTube Studio Vimeo Downloader on your computer. You will see a ‘Lock’ icon in the top bar of the interface. Click that and give your personal password.

2. Copy the Vimeo Video URL. Visit Viemo and select the video you want. Copy the URL!

3. Download your favorite Vimeo video

4. Paste the URL and you just have to monitor the download process that appears on the status bar. You can download more than one video.

5. You can see the downloaded video on the Personal List. To open the folder you need to provide the correct password to access the folder.

Downloading Vimeo videos is not a difficult task anymore! Hopefully this article helps!