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5 Junk Foods That Are Healthy For Your Health


April 24th, 2019   |   Updated on March 4th, 2020

When you hear the word “junk food” you automatically know that is not good for your health. Junk food, if eaten just to satiate your hunger and taste buds. But if you eat junk food like burgers, pizza regularly, they will definitely harm you and your appetite.

But there is a small twist in this story here. We will discuss about junk food in this article but with a twist. Junks that are really yum to eat/drink and at the same time very nutritive and healthy for your health. Now the question here arises that how come junk food is healthy? True but again as I said with a twist.


Let Us See How?

Snacks can always be healthy and not necessarily be a part of unhealthy lifestyle. It depends up on you to choose the type of diet and snacks you want to choose for your weight loss plan. Fresh fruits and veggies with hummus or nut butter are always healthy options, but they’re not always the most fun.

If you’re not a disciple of carrot sticks and celery, here are some healthier alternatives to some unhealthy foods. In addition to this you can also order healthy snacks online using Swiggy First Order Coupon with great deals. Swapping one for the opposite will alter you to hold on consumption constant varieties of things, while doing your health a favour.

Snacks are always likely to be unhealthy but all the home made snacks. This will surely prevent weight gain. But if you are on unhealthy junk food like pizzas or burgers or too many meals a day, the doctor won’t recommend you do that.

Ask your dietician, they will always suggest you to make a 5 meal plan for your day. This should include healthy and fresh veggies and fruits and fruits juices. This will help your maintain a healthy lifestyle.


1. Make Your Own French Fries

French Fries

Do not stuff your mouth with potatoes anyways. Make French fries on your own. Homemade French fries are always better and healthy than Mc. Donald French fries. “Make your own oven-baked sweet potato fries or regular potato fries,”.

The golden rule – your home made and healthy snacks shouldn’t contain more than 200 calories. They should be fat free and should contain omega 3 fatty acids in desired quantity.


2. Popcorns At Home


Your craving for potato chips may have started innocently enough, but before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole bag and blown your daily calorie count. An ounce of plain potato chips contain about 150 calories. So if you ask your dietician, she will tell you what exactly one requires to remain healthy. But this portion will hardly fill your tummy, so you should reach out for better things to keep yourself far from hunger.

Now do not completely ignore your craving for food. In between your meals, you need to include at least 2 heavy meals to satiate your hunger. It is recommended to consume some salty stuffs to keep yourself free from being non-iodised. It is extremely essential that while keeping and maintaining your health, it is of utmost importance that you should consume equal and desired quantity of salt.

This is needed by your body. You don’t have to totally ignore your craving for a salty and crunchy snack. Reach out for better and healthy options of including salty food in your meals. Skip the butter and salt, and instead, sprinkle on some herbs and spices, for a treat.

Homemade chips are another alternative. A drizzle of heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil and your favourite spices are all you need to crisp up a batch. Plus, a one-ounce serving hardly contains any calories.


3. Burgers / Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

Your commonplace burger will have around 350 calories in it. However, if you were to replace this with a grilled chicken breast, it’d be just 220 calories –and that’s for a large 150g piece of chicken. You can replace your usual burger base to whole wheat burger base.

This is made from fibres and multigrain that are really good for your health and digestion. Try baking burgers at home for your snack time and avoid buying it from Mc. Donald’s or any other outlet. You’re not too sure that what type of chicken or ham are being used.


4. Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt


Ice cream is actually churned, frozen fat and sugar. Frozen yogurt is a lot lower in both and contains probiotics to help our digestive system.

However, it is still quite high in calories and you cut out any health benefits if you go and cover it in melted toffee.

Try pairing it with recent fruit or dotty as a sweet and engaging replacement for your course. Moreover, you can also order this online at your doorstep using Zomato Coupons at discounted prices.


5. Pizza / Pitta Pockets


Layers of cheese, thick dough and salty sausages are all tasty however not terribly healthy. Instead of ordering a pizza, why not make some homemade pitta pockets. Use warmed whole wheat pitta breads and fill them with spicy chicken and salad for a healthier dinner.

While there’s no drawback with a touch of indulgence from time to time, often intake unhealthy food will cause an entire host of health problems, together with heart conditions, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

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