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Top 6 Tricks You Need To Know Before You Rent A Car

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Published on May 2nd, 2019

Renting a car is one of the most important factors you should consider when planning a family trip. Factually, this is the last thing you think about. Do you think it is easy to pick a good car for your family?

Do you prefer automatic or manual transmission in car rental LAX? Which car is safe on the mountainous roads of Denver? You should know everything about your car. How can you know?

Read This Before Pick The Car For A Family Trip!

1. Compare Cars, Rates, Services

Planning Family Vacation

Choosing the right car for rent is like buying a new car. You think about color, functionality, size, mileage. How comfortable is the car for your family?

But not all rental car companies are the same. Some of them put cheap prices. Others have special offers for newcomers and loyal customers. Just you’re your trip beforehand, compare prices.

How? You can easily do that online. There are many special websites that help you to compare rates and pick the best car according to your needs.


2. Take Coupons, Use Award Programs

Renting a car is like booking a room in a hotel. You can take a full price or get some sale. How? There are many loyalty programs for newcomers and customers. Also, you have an opportunity to catch sales with the help of coupons.

This is a nice chance to get a free additional driver, a booster chair in the car, or even 60% sale for your rental. Whatever rental company you choose, they all have a reward program to join.


3. Rent In The City

Planning Family Vacation

Of course, it is very comfortable to take a car from the airport. As a rule, the prices in the airport are higher than somewhere in the city rental offices.

If you want to save some money, it is better to find a nearby city location to pick up your car. Don’t worry if you have to get to your hotel from the airport somehow. Hotels offer a free transfer from the airport terminal.


4. Be Aware Of Hidden Fees And Penalties

All rental companies have special rules and regulations that you can read on their website. You should read it before pay for a rental. Thus, you should follow FULL to FULL option.

You can be charged for being an aged or young driver. Besides, when you take a car for rent, you should drop it off in time. If you can’t do that for any reason, you’d better inform your rental agency about changes in your rental contract.


5. Insurance

What do you know about rental car insurance? There are different kinds of insurances you are offered to buy at the rental counter. Stop and think. It is better to read about all these interesting offers beforehand. It often happens that you credit card covers your rental insurance.

If you are interested, you should find more information about it. Don’t leave your car unprotected. You are responsible for your vehicle and you will pay for all damages if you leave it uncovered.


6. Learn Rental Rules

Planning Family Vacation

It can be really scaring to travel to another country by car. Don’t worry about it. The procedure differs in different countries. Picking the car, contact your rental company and find out what cars are available on different rental spots. Ask about IDP and other needed documents.

If you want to get an International driving license, you should send an application about 6 weeks before your trip. Also, you need your photos, a copy of your original driving license, and $15 USD. You IDP is valid for a year. But you need to take your original driving license with you.

Don’t forget about car brand and size. Thus, in Europe, such brands as Mercedes, BMW, Audi are the most popular. Traveling with a big family and much luggage, you should think about renting a minivan or outlander.

Of course, the price to rent a big car is higher. Ask a car with automatic transmission if you are not good at manual driving. By the way, manual transmission is popular in Europe. And often, automatic transmission comes with additional fee.

There is always much information to learn, including a company gas policy, aged requirements, additional driver’s fee, early or late drop-off. Your rental company is always ready to give you informative help, just feel free to ask and discuss if there is something you are not agree with.

Remember, you are responsible for your car and passengers. Think about the insurance. It doesn’t take much time to learn more about your credit card insurance and all those preferences it gives you. Don’t leave your car unprotected. Whatever happens on the go, it is better to be ready to meet all road troubles armed at all points.