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8 Photo Editing Trends That Make You Popular On Instagram Instantly


April 17th, 2019   |   Updated on June 15th, 2023

With over 800 million users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. The growing number means a larger audience for your content. It also means you have to work harder to get noticed and build engagement.

One way to get noticed is to post amazing photos that grab attention. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular photo editing trends on Instagram to help you out:


1. Photo Collages

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Even though they’ve been around for a while, photo collages have really stepped up their game on Instagram recently. They are the perfect way to tell a story through your images and keep your audience engaged.

There are many great design tools and resources available if you wish to create Instagram Stories videos or customize your Instagram Stories graphics further. Adobe Spark is one of popular free design tools for creating photo collages without the need for professional design skills. Its simple design interface makes it the perfect free collage maker.

There are many ways to create photo collages that grab attention and keep it. You can use Instagram’s partner app Layout from Instagram: Collage to create basic collages. Use the app to tell a compelling story that entertains your audience. Take a look at this simple but effective collage by Joe Burgerman.

You can also show-off your photo editing skills by layering different images together and blending them to create a piece of art. There are many great photo editing apps that can help you do just that. Look how Rosanna Webster created this masterpiece.

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Make your collages take center stage by using unique backgrounds and filters. Apps like Storyluxe and Unfold house a plethora of background, filters and presets that can help you add personality to your collages.

The creative use of typography, stickers, emoticons, and Gifs in your collages can really amplify your engagement and “likes” on ig story downloader.


2. Polaroid Effect and Vintage Vibes

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Vintage vibes never go out of style. Add depth and personality to your photos by giving them the polaroid effect. This trend gears more momentum during the summer months so make use of the sunshine to take awesome vintage photos.

You know something is on-trend when celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown are endorsing it. Look at this stunning photo Millie posted using the Huji Cam app.

From light leaks to the date stamp, this app takes you back to the 90s and makes your photos look like art.

Nothing drives more engagement than well-edited photos. Vintage isn’t all about black and white but you can never go wrong with monochrome.

You can easily replicate this stunning and chic wall to grow your following on Insta. You can use apps like 1967 and BitCam to take novel vintage-themed photos. You can also use photo editing apps like Snapseed to add the polaroid effects yourself.


3. Bold Colors and Contrast

Bold colors are all the rage on Instagram right now. Color block your feed by posting images with bold and bright colors in the background. This will make your feed look fantastic and set a theme for your posts as well.

Apps like Canva allow you to change the background on your pictures so you can easily brighten up your photos. You can also edit the photos you’ve already taken and sharpen the background colors to make them stand out more.

High contrast is another way to make your photos stand out and your feed look amazing. You can use the “checkerboard” approach to add contrast and style to your feed.


4. 3×3 Profile Grid Images

Attract people to your Instagram account by stimulating their curiosity. Use your Instagram feed’s 3×3 grid to display an image in parts. Just like a puzzle, each image will show only a part of a complete picture. Your followers will be compelled to visit your profile page to view the whole picture.

Your Instagram feed can fit 9-12 photos in a single frame so the “puzzle picture” is quite a bit of an undertaking. But once you get the hang of it, you can push your engagement to new heights.


5. Typography and Illustrations

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Typography is always a great way to make your photos stand out. You can experiment with different fonts but nothing really beats the Bold Sans Serif font. Place it against a bold background to create an interesting contrast or layer it over images to enhance your photos.


6. Carousel Posts

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Instagram’s carousel posts are a great way to coax users to swipe left on your photos. Carousel posts allow you to upload multiple photos in the same post. You can use this feature to tell a compelling story that keeps your audience engaged.

A lot of companies use carousel posts to keep their audience hooked. Take a look at Addidas’ campaign. They use both images and videos in their carousel posts to showcase their new products.

You can choose to tell a story, show a before-and-after, make a step-by-step tutorial and ask questions and polls using this feature.


7. Overexposed Imagery

Overexposed photos are the latest trend on Insta. Essentially this trend makes your photos look like they were taken under studio lighting, and made a lot brighter. Increasing the highlights and whites makes the details stand out even more.

People scrolling through their feed are bound to stop and notice your overexposed photo.


8. The Glitch Effect

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The glitch effect is a growing trend on Instagram. The glitchy, grainy effect is great because it adds movement to your static photos making them look edgy. Look how fierce Tyra Banks looks in her glitchy photo.

You can use the photo editing app Glitché to add stunning filters to your photos. Or you can use Glitch Cam to take awesome glitchy photos.



Photo editing trends are always changing and evolving, especially on Instagram. These latest photo editing trends are bound to get you noticed and build your audience. Try them out and thank us later!