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The Top 5 Restaurants On Uber Eats You Need To Try When Visiting Australia

Restaurant Proprietors

April 20th, 2019   |   Updated on May 25th, 2019

There are two things that are constant in life; breathing and eating. It can be somewhat of a challenge knowing the best places to source food from when you travel to a new place. Apps such as Uber Eats really come in handy in linking you up with the best food joints to order meals from.

Here are the top 5 restaurants on Uber Eats you need to try when visiting Australia:


1. City Chocolates Restaurant

Restaurant Proprietors

If you are a lover of chocolate, then City Chocolates is one restaurant whose menu you should sample regularly. Located in Sydney’s CBD, City Chocolates prepares the best handmade chocolate bars Australia has ever seen.

They have a wide assortment of chocolate bar offers such as the organic Monsieur Truffe, and their own custom made dark chocolate single origin handmade bar baked using the cacao beans sourced from Sao Tome in Central Africa along with dairy-free desserts.

You can order these amazing chocolate bars from City Chocolates via the Uber eats app.


2. Banh Cuon Restaurant

If you plan to go to Bankstown, one very amazing restaurant whose food you must try out is the Banh Cuon. It derives its name from the traditional Banh Cuon Vietnamese dish whose elements consist of slippery rice nodules served with Vietnamese pork sausage slices, cucumber, bean sprouts, shredded lettuce, and a classic dipping sauce known as nuoc cham.

If you are a fan of Vietnamese rice paper roll meals, then Banh Cuon restaurant is the place to eat from. You can order their meals through the UberEats app.


3. Hari’s Vegetarian Restaurant

If you are a vegetarian, one amazing restaurant in Sydney Australia whose meals you need to chew on is Hari’s Vegetarian. They offer a wide variety of raw, gluten-free vegan meals. You can try out their curry pie which is a blend of broccoli, tofu, capsicum, tomato, mixed herbs, and olives.

If you love sweet stuff, then a chocolate slice made from peanut butter, vegan dark chocolate, vanilla, pistachios, and crowned with chocolate icing will make your day memorable.

You can order Hari’s Vegetarian meals via the UberEats app.


4. Beirut Falafel Restaurant

If you plan to visit the Darlington suburb in Sydney, there is an amazing restaurant that serves sweet salivating vegan meals. Beirut Falafel offers a wide variety of delicious Lebanese dishes. For you who loves to eat on the move, you can try out their Organic Falafel Vega Zaatar Wrap that is gluten-free.

If you’re hungry for a heavy meal, you can sample the Vegan Bowl which incorporates cauliflower, hummus, lentils, pickles, and tabouli all in one dish. You can order these and much more from the Beirut Falafel restaurant via the UberEats app.


5. Fujiyama Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for some good Japanese meals, then Fujiyama is the place to eat from. They offer the best sashimi and sushi, and the amazing Chicken Karaage on rice. If you’re more into traditional Japanese meals, the teriyaki rice bowls and the ramen soup will make your day.

You can order your favorite Japanese dish from Fujiyama Restaurant via the UberEats app.




UberEats makes is one superb app that will make ordering for meals super easy for you. You have to try it out if you’ve not yet done so and you can take advantage of these first time Uber eats discounts.