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You Need Recoverit To Restore Your Deleted MP3 Files

Restore Your Deleted MP3 Files

Published on March 18th, 2019

MP3 files are not always safe. It can be lost or deleted accidentally. If you lose a number of MP3 files from a computer, MP3 player or even your memory card, that can be a disaster. But there is nothing without a solution, including when you lose a number of MP3 files. In this article we will present some tips for returning your MP3 files (which were accidentally lost or deleted).

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First you must understand that sometimes you cannot recover without the help of a tool. In many cases, data recovery must involve special tools even if you lose data on Mac, for example. You should look for software that suits your needs and on this occasion, we will recommend Recoverit.


Recoverit is the best MP3 recovery software on the market, at least until now. This conclusion certainly has considered many aspects such as speed of recovery, a simple interface to the costs to be paid. From these various considerations, we have come to the conclusion that Recoverit is in the first order of software that must be used if someone wants to really be able to restore all lost data, including MP3 files.

It works for many reasons; accidental deletion, formatted cards, hacker attacks and device system bottlenecks. It also works in a lot of formats; FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV and of course MP3! No matter you use Windows or Mac; you can still use Recoverit to recover all your lost data.
Restoring in Mac version

Of course you need to download and install Recoverit on your computer. At this point you should realize that no special ability is needed to see how it will help you. Once the software has been installed successfully, run it! You will be given an option to choose the location where your file will be taken. Keep in mind that the Mac version is very different from the Windows version so make sure you have downloaded the correct version. After you have successfully downloaded, then follow the next steps.


The system will scan your device to find all deleted MP3 files. You may need to wait for a few minutes.


In the preview, you can see some files that will be restored. You can choose which files you want. Once you have chosen your MP3 file, the next step is to press the “Restore” button, the system will recover your files and save them in a safe new place.

As simple as that!

Restore Your Deleted MP3 Files

Yes, Recoverit is a sophisticated audio recovery software with a simple approach. You can recover all your files as easily as turning your hand. But there are a number of things you should pay attention to that.

You are prohibited from storing restored files to their original place. Otherwise the MP3 recovery will fail. Choose another drive that you like but don’t choose the original place.

If you feel that your MP3 player is not safe enough for your files then you should back them up regularly (on your computer). Hopefully this article can provide valuable information for you about how to save MP3 files when they are accidentally lost or deleted.