How To Master Your Own Music Guide To Mixing & Mastering Music

February 1st, 2019   |   Updated on February 5th, 2019

Are you interested to record the sound of your own instrument or do you have your own home studio? If yes, in such a scenario having basic knowledge of mixing and mastering music is necessary. Here, in this content, you will get the basic knowledge of mixing and mastering music. So, have a look.

Electronic Music Production

Yes, the art of mixing is not as easy, it will take years to get perfect in mixing music. However, here is a list of a few things that can enhance the sound quality instantly without even mastering in mixing music.


So, What Is Panning And Why It Is Important?

Have you ever think the scenario, when all the performers were in the middle of the stage and the sound of one another is competing with each other? Think once, how the produced music will be. It is happen when there is no panning.
Panning allows you to hear the sound of every instrument separately and of the same volume whether it is far right or far left to you.

Compression Technique

You might already know that what is compression technique? So, what does compression do in mixing and mastering music? Compression makes sure that the audio track does not clip, it makes sure that the sound of the audio track does not exceed the decibel limit or it makes sure that the volume of the audio track is not too loud or not too slow.

How Does Compression Technique Works?

Electronic Music Production

If the volume of the audio track is too high which exceeds the decibel limit then the compressor takes that specific part of the audio track and then compresses it to the normal volume. It is the task of the compressor to boosts the soft parts of the audio track in frequency and volume and compresses the loud parts of the audio track in volume as well as in frequency. That is how the compression technique is used in mixing and mastering of the music.


Basically, reverb is the echo. When you want to have a more realistic sound then reverb is used. You can also use reverb on the live concert as well to create more realistic sound for your audience. Make sure that you should know the technique of applying the reverb, make sure that you don’t apply reverb too much.

Stereo Enhancement

These days, there are more than two speakers that had been played. Stereo enhancement technique makes sure that the sound of both the speakers comes out as equal so that one speaker will not be louder than the other. So the audience can feel the natural effect through both the years and they can enjoy the music.
There are many more other effects that have been used in mixing and mastering music to create a natural sound.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

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Mixing and mastering is not an easy task. But learning the basics of the mixing and mastering can be. It takes years to become perfect in mixing music. if you want to know more about the mixing and mastering technique then visiting http://ekmixmaster.com website will be very helpful for you.