What Type of Services Can Your Local Dentist Provide?


January 15th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Most people do not realize this, but your local dentist can do a lot more than just pull and clean teeth. Your dentist is a person who can do preventative dental work that could prevent infections in other parts of your body, and your dentist has plenty of services available that could improve your smile.

If you work with people all day or just want a great smile to go along with your outgoing personality, then you should check out the different resources offered by your dentist.

1. The Dentist’s Website

Dental Hygiene

It is now very common for your local dentist to have a website that presents their services and answer questions. If you are interested in getting a brighter smile, then you can find answers to common questions about other services on your dentist’s website.

For instance, if you’re looking for a dentist in the San Francisco area, a group like Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem is unique because they can handle more services than general dentists. When you look at their EXPERTISE page, you can see that between the doctors they can handle all the normal dental upkeep but can also work with you on cosmetic services like whitening, veneers and even Invisalign.

You will find a lot of services your dentist offers on their website that you never knew existed, and many of those services can help to improve your self-confidence.


2. Visit An Open House


Contact your local dentist and ask them when they will be hosting an open house for potential new patients. Many dentists hold open houses once or twice a year to invite people in to ask questions and find out what types of services the dentist offers. An open house is the best time to really see how your dentist goes about their business and what types of services your dentist offers.

An open house is also the ideal time to talk about emergency dental services. People often take emergency services for granted, but most emergency room doctors are not dentists and will often put temporary solutions in place until you can get to a dentist. Even if you never need emergency services, it is still a good idea to have a dentist who offers those services and to know how to use those services if you should ever need them.


3. Regular Check-Up

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 1

Most people dread their regular dental check-up because they only use it for a cleaning and a quick look at the condition of their teeth. When you make your appointment for your regular check-up, let your dentist know that you would be interested in hearing about some of the cosmetic services they offer and if you might benefit from those services.

When you open up your regular check-up in that way, you will get a lot of information about teeth alignment, teeth whitening and a variety of other services that can give you a better smile. If you have had slightly misaligned teeth your whole life, then it is never too late to fix them. Your dentist has plenty of options you can use that will bring your teeth into alignment and fix your smile.


4. Ask Your Friends And Family

Why Better Dental Hygiene Leads

You would be surprised at what kind of dental work your friends and family members have had done that you have never noticed. There are people you know who have what are called partials that you swear have a full set of teeth. Partials are dentures for only certain teeth, and they are much more common that you might think.

You will also be surprised at how many people have had a little work done by their dentist and are glad they did. It is always helpful to get first-hand information on dental procedures from the people that you trust. When you start talking to people, you will find out about procedures that you never knew existed but your friends have been enjoying for years.

Your dentist is more than a doctor with a metal hook who cleans your teeth. Spend some time becoming familiar with your dentist’s services and you might just find something that will help you get back confidence you never knew you lost.

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