Hair-Raising Moment! A Fiery Turtle Snapped Back At A Girl Who Thought She Was Patting A Cute Tortoise

A Fiery Turtle Snapped Back

Published on May 31st, 2019

She thought she was petting a cute tortoise, which she stumbled upon on a road at a Canadian wildlife reserve. The moment she decided to film herself patting its shell, she realized it actually was a fiery turtle.

And, clearly oblivious to the species of this ‘snapping turtle‘, as she leaned in the creature exploded up towards her and tried to nip at her face.

The 13-second video begins by showing the reptile lying motionless on a dirt track. It is actually a common snapping turtle which are native to southeastern Canada and are notoriously fierce.

The terrified girl lets out a piercing scream and scrambles backwards out of range of the aggressive animal’s nipping jaw.

10 Interesting Facts About Snapping Turtle you might not have known about snapping turtles.

1. The Common Snapping Turtle Is New York’s Official State Reptile



2. Alligator Snapping Turtles Can Be Large


3. Common Snappers Have Longer Necks And Spiker Tails


4. They Avoid Contact With People


5. You Really Don’t Want To Get Bitten By One

6. There Are Three Species Of Alligator Snapping Turtles


7. Thanks To A 19th Century Political Cartoon, Common Snapping Turtles Are Also Known As “Ograbmes”


8. Alligator Snappers Attract Wish With An Oral Lure

9. They Frequently Eat Other Turtles


10. You Should Never Pick A Snapper Up By The Tail



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Source: Dailymail