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20 Simple Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You

Published on June 26th, 2018

Have a crush on a guy but not sure if the feeling is mutual? Or maybe you’re curious as to whether that guy checking you out is doing so out of interest in you or he’s just staring at the poster behind your head?

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OK – so you’re really into a guy, but you don’t know if he feels the same way. Or maybe you caught a guy checking you out and felt like you had a “moment” and you’re wondering if he’s actually interested… , or if he was just bored and it’s all in your head.

A Guy Likes You

If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, allow me to give you a little advice: you’re probably overthinking it.

1. He invites you over to his place when he’s ‘having people over,’ and when it ends up being just you he says everyone else canceled.

2. He has your favorite kind of alcohol when you come over.

3. He tries to sound smart in front of you.

4. He shows off how much money he has.

5. He tries to get you to go out when you really want to spend the night in. And if he can’t get you to go out, he’ll ask if he can stay in with you (“movie night?”).

6. He offers to give you a massage if you say you’re sore.

7. He tells you, you smell nice when he gives you a hug.

8. He watches ALL of your stories on Snapchat

9. He asks if he can come upstairs after he takes you out to dinner.

A Guy Likes You

10. He takes you out to dinner, just you and him, and pays.

11. He does things with you that he’d never do on his own (if he ‘doesn’t get’ poetry and goes to a poetry slam with you).

12. He listens to the little things you think he’d never pay attention to or care about.

13. He tries to meet your family, or if he already has he tries to be your mom and dad’s best friend.

14. He tags you in instagram posts that are inside jokes between the two of you.

15. He has a sudden interest in your interests even though he doesn’t really like the things you like.

16. He smudges away the food you have sitting on your top lip when you’re eating like a slob.

17. He ends up in the same place as you at the same time when you told him where you were going.

18. He introduces himself. He’s telling you his name because he wants to know yours.

19. He looks at you from across the room repetitively. Not once, not twice, yes three or more times.

20. He messages you ‘Hey cutie’ on Facebook.

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Doesn’t matter. Nature has one rule. A man afraid to approach a woman dies alone. So if he approaches, he gets the girl, if he doesn’t he gets nothing.

Even if he gets shot down, OTHER men will understand. We have all lived a rejection, and if he succeeds, other men will feel joy for him. It is a form of battle, and acceptance is survival. – Drew Gormley, Read More Here… 

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A confident guy is typically attracted to a confident gal (or guy if he is so inclined). He is not shy about letting you know that you are worth spending time with.

This is quite flattering to the recipient of such attention as a confident guy could easily be doing 10 other things.

A confident guy is not afraid to laugh at himself and when he likes you, will also make jokes at your expense. The jokes are usually benign and respectful, atleast around other people.

He will also laugh extra hard when you can get him with a clever come back and will appreciate you more for your confidence. – Masil George, Read More Here…

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It was the most embarrassing day of my high school life.

I remember it so clearly. The last day of English class in grade 9.

We all had to write a spoken word about something we really cared about. I had already presented my spoken word about people with special needs and as soon as I had sat down, Sam shoots his hand up

“Ms.S, I’m going next” He practically sings, already standing up, and heading for the front of the class.

Now let me tell you a bit about this Sam. – Sailor Zuzu, Read More Here…

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There is no definite way of finding out what a boys feelings are for you, unless they just announce to the world of their undying affection towards you.

But… there are many ways to ‘hint’ that a boy likes you…

If he stares at you a lot (and not just because your growing a second eye-ball), then he might be interested in you.

If you notice that he’s around you a lot, or at least will try to be around you a lot, then he might be trying to get to know you better.

If you notice that he’s always trying to talk to you, even trying to get your number to text you, then he might like you. – Daija Shaw, Read More Here…

A Guy Likes You_12


Everyone has different of expressing themself but some things can be common in behaviour. It might help you to know if someone is attracted towards you if you observe a few things like – Shreya Agrawal, Read More Here… 

A Guy Likes You_11


It was midnight. I was reading in library for so long. I had to take a break by then. When I stood up, I saw someone. She was sitting in front of my desk. She felt different. She was beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

I stood there for a while as I was so lost in her. I was eagerly waiting for her beautiful eyes to turn up. I was waiting for that right moment, when she smiles back. I was presuming so many things already, but she didn’t look up. She was so immersed into reading some text.

I felt inexistent that instant. I had no options left than to leave. But I was so happy in that unimaginable moment. There was hardly anyone in library. And I was nervous this time. – Ashwin Saxena, Read More Here…

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If he is a true child, he will drive you to distraction because he can’t leave you alone.

If he is mature enough to recognize the dynamic, he will be somewhat shy but will try to wait on you hand and foot while not seeming to.

If he is grown he will get around to telling you. Imho – If he tells you unprovoked how he feels – bump up the sentiment one notch.

If he says you’re okay,… he likes you.

If he says he likes you,.. he probably loves you. – Darnel Cooper, Read More Here…

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Healthy guys tend to initiate dates, they tease you but overall are laid back guys. They will lead the interaction through dating, making out and having fun.

Knowing if he likes you or not at this point is a matter of requesting to be something more deeper. The all famous Boyfriend request.

However if it’s a guy who lands in the bottom 97%, basically a beta male then you will have a harder time pointing out if he likes you or not. A beta male consists of a shy, awkward, anxious male, typically making situations more awkward.

Sometimes they take the friendship route and get friend-zoned, once again anxious and awkward to move out of it on their own. – Rodrigo Valle, Read More Here…

A Guy Likes You_8


With most guys its not a secret. We are such give always, not like girls, where it is hard to know. Probably with most guys he will give you long eyes contact.

If he is more bold, he will askes he straight up. Thats about it.

If you Dont see either one from him, then your shit out of luck. Well you can offer him a BJ I am pretty sure he won’t turn it down.

And from their u can get things rolling. If he is experienced enough,he will know your the girl for him. – Sameir Bakhouryq, Read More Here…

A Guy Likes You_7


If we love them, we boys consider girls living, breathing, walking pieces of art and beauty, regardless of age, height, weight, whatever.

We see you as more than human, transcending the corporeal constraints of the human visage. Your voice makes us shiver and your scent makes us feel weak from desire.

Let’s say you fell in love with somebody who felt like that to you. How would you react? – Lewis Hyden, Read More Here…

A Guy Likes You_6


All too familiar.

I was in both the giving and the receiving end once (i.e. In both yours and the guy’s shoes). So first with regards to your perspective:

There was this girl I really liked during my secondary school days, and to date she was my longest running crush for my whole life.

But throughout my schooling days, I never had the courage to approach or speak to her, so I only ended up staring and occasionally smiling at her, to which she also ended up staring at me a few weeks later.

That would be when she noticed my presence. My best friend also came to know about her, stared at her for awhile and she also ended up staring back at him. Lol. – Anonymous, Read More Here…

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This will really vary from person to person (outgoing, introverted, flirty with everyone, etc) and it will also be different with age and the dynamic you currently have (like do you pass each other in the halls, are you good friends, etc).

So, without knowing any of these factors, I’m going to try and answer this in a general sense, and if you’d like to comment more specifics, I could give more specific answers 🙂

Be aware that if he has/does just one or two things on this list, it probably doesn’t mean much, but if he’s doing multiples, then there’s a good chance he might. I won’t state the obvious that you can just ask him how he feels.

I getchya. Sometimes we wanna be subtle and know what we’re getting into first before we potentially make a fool of ourselves.

Keep in mind that these things are powerful signs if he’s doing this regularly with you, but it’s even more powerful if he’s suddenly started doing this with you. – Andie Beauregaurde, Read More Here…

A Guy Likes You_4


If a man truly harbors feelings for you he will make sure you know. He may be shy and not want you to know yet, but his actions and his attitude towards you will most likely give it away whether he wants it to or not.

Generally it goes the same way it does for most other people, he wants to spend time with you whether it be talking on the phone or in person, taking you out as a “friend” when he’s normally off with his guy friends.

He may even invite you to hangout with him and his friends. – James Abla, Read More Here…

A Guy Likes You_3


He treats you with the respect and dignity you deserve and just being your friend is good enough for him becuase he knows nothing good or worth keeping is ever rushed. He will always put you before himself.

He will make sure your happiness is what matters to him. He tells you how intelligent you are, how beautiful you are and blessed they are to have you in their lives. – Arnulfo Gonzales, Read More Here…

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There are a lot of nonverbal cues that you can be attuned to. There is also usually a nervousness between the both of you, or a kind of building pressure, for lack of a better term.

Maybe a bashfulness, shyness, blushing, or on the other hand, attentiveness, eye contact, smiling. As things escalate there is usually a testing of the waters, so to speak, with some form of physical contact like touching your hand or shoulder.

It really depends where in the courtship phase you are.

I think the main thing is whether or not you can both spend time together. If you spend a lot of time together then things will become apparent whether or not you like each other. – Jonah Dempcy, Read More Here…

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