6 Ways Via Which A VoIP Service Can Redefine Your Business

A VoIP Service Can Redefine Your Business_5

January 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on January 4th, 2021

When we talk about the utility of a VoIP phone system in the ecosystem of a business world, we actually talk about the endless possibilities. If you think that its functionality is limited only to call transferring and greet your callers professionally then we must say that you are far away from the actual reality.

In fact, this is just a piece of the whole pie. A virtual phone number can do a lot more than that. That is why businesses of all sizes swear by it and can’t imagine to kick-start a day at work without its assistance.

Wants to know what all a business phone number can do for you? Here are our experts’ inputs.

1. It Sets You Free

A VoIP Service Can Redefine Your Business

How annoying is to stay glued with your desk just to pick a call?

Super annoying I must say. It is often found that staying glued to the desk is one thing that every customer agent hated the most. It is not boring but also tiring. However, by using a Second Phone Line, you can actually set yourself free from this condition and eliminate the boredom.

Your VoIP phone system comes with a mobile app that allows agents to make an receive calls from anywhere without being tied up with the cord on their desk. This flexibility in work increases the motivation and productivity of your team. Businesses like e-commerce and finance can actually get many benefits from this flexibility as their need for quick communication gets fulfilled without fail.


2. It Lets You Call On International Numbers At The Cost Lower Than Local Calls

A VoIP Service Can Redefine Your Business_5

How hefty are your international calling bills?

A lot, no?

If you are a business that requires communicating with foreign delegate frequently then a virtual phone number can help you out up to a great extent. Making international calls with a UK virtual phone number is quite inexpensive as compared to the traditional landline numbers. Instead of paying those costly calling bills, you can buy a local virtual number and making calls to any part of the world at the cost as low as $0.02.

For instance, if you a lot of business in the UK, you can buy a local UK number and communicate with your business associates at any point in time. Buying the local number is also important from the customers’ point of view. When your customers see that you have a local presence, they tend to trust you more. This trust pays you in long run.


3. It Never Let Any Call Go Away

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Can you afford to miss a single call?

No, absolutely not. No matter what sort of business you run, every single call means a lot to you. With the help of VOIP services in Dallas, you can get hold of every single call despite the unavailability of a particular agent.

Almost every VoIP service comes with call transferring facility. This facility allows a business to transfer a call to any next available agent in case one agent is absence. You can forward your calls to anywhere you want. Whether it is a mobile phone or laptops, VoIP services forward your calls to any data-driven device. This independence helps a business to attend every single call and integrate success out of it.


4. It Can Transcribe Voicemails To Email

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Do you want to receive all your voicemails in your mailbox?

Then nothing can beat the viability of a virtual phone number in this section. Many VoIP services come with pre-programmed transcription service that automatically converts your voicemails into emails or text as per the demand.

This function is very important when we talk about the time saving within an organization. Using this feature, you can actually reduce the time consumed to listen to the voicemails. Also, when all your important information converted into emails or text, you documented them for life. You can easily upload them on cloud space and provide easy access to the team. It is like hitting two birds with a single stone. Isn’t?


5. It Helps You To Save A Lot On Operational Cost

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Are you looking out the ways to save a great deal on operational cost?

Virtual business phone numbers are the solution. As it demands low investment, near-to-zero maintenance and offers inexpensive international calling rates, VoIP services are great ways to reduce the operational cost. Dell managed to save more than 30 million in a year after replacing traditional landlines to virtual phone numbers.


6. Last But Not Least, It Helps You To Garner Great Customer Satisfaction

A VoIP Service Can Redefine Your Business

A toll-free business phone number is basically a three-digit code number that helps you to acquire commendable customer satisfaction as calling on these numbers are free of cost. UK toll-free numbers with 0800 and 0808 codes are must-have if you seek great customer satisfaction.

Taking a VoIP service on board is beneficial in a number of ways provided you choose the best one. So, start redefining your business and integrate successfully with the help of this cord-cutting technology.