4 Advantages Of Lapel Pins In Branding Or Business

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December 1st, 2018   |   Updated on December 6th, 2018

Lapel Pin is one of the exciting things people are consistently collecting these days. It is a little striking button attached to clothing, usually worn for different social occasions. Moreover, we see some people who hang it on for formal events like weddings.

Others believe that their badges are a part of their personality, more than it is just a part of the uniform. Mostly, It represents the wearer’s affiliation with an association. Above all, who is not proud of his favorite sports team, school, or country?

Although there are many reasons behind motivating people to create these captivating pins, the main reason is the emotional trigger. Our memories are regularly pushing us to open our keepsakes from high school or college regularly.

In business, with the fast-growing social shopping era, pins are exclusively used in branding and marketing. When launching a new product, or even enhancing the sales of an old product, pins play a role! So, what are the advantages of lapel pins in branding? That is what we’re going to discover in this article.

1. Strengthen Employee Recognition

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One of the positive reinforcements that business owners or managers can offer for the employee’s achievements is to recognize his/her successful performance. Linking the employee’s pin with his/her success is like we said before. Building an emotional trigger to the employee’s productivity, that will keep encouraging him/her to maintain efficiency.

This simple, quick act tells the employee that the company knows and proud of the effort made to achieve the company goals. Is it that cool?


2. Strengthen Brand Recognition

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The customized logo of a company is reinforced by pins! How? Well, there are two tips regarding this point. First, pretty pins that you will customize need to be carefully designed. Try to find good support which helps you to bring customers attention. Also, try to pick an affordable and straightforward online service specialized designing pins at individual and company levels.

Second, you will need to find the right timing to expose it to customers, such as through the company’s employee, holiday gifts, or with sending samples. Successful pins design will draw client’s interest to explore more about your firm’s services.


3. Strengthen Brand Marketing

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What is the difference between brand marketing and recognition? Recognition is concerned with the customer’s curiosity and long-term memory toward the brand. However, marketing means the action of advertising, promoting, and selling your products or services. It can include various things such as advertising, research or market analysis. Practically, improved selling after using brand pins is an indication of the effectiveness of the design you choose.


4. Strengthen Brand Recognition in Public Events

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Having a consent from higher authorities to meet new people and interact with the audience is the aim of having a public event. One of the tips to stand out among other business firms is exposing the company’s lapel pins. Hence, employees who are holding the business lapel pins on their clothes are increasing the visibility of the brand. That will allow people to realize your company’s presence more than other businesses.

Let us start how to design productive lapel pins that promote marketing your brand. For the size, lapel pins may range from 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 1, 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch. Likewise, when you choose the size you like, remember that details may get lost with the small size. That means you will need to consider the design and style of the company brand before the size.

1. Style Selection

To stay on track and narrow the choices down, we will list the three basic styles of lapel pins. First of all, The boutonniere style is the flower pin on the suite. It is the fashionable lapel pin for formal occasions like wedding. Nowadays, flower pin style is available with modern twist.

Secondly, the metal pin, can be customized the way you like. The third style, the most common for marketing, is the mini-pin. The thing is you may need to spend some time to find a professional supplier. There are a bunch of online providers, a good one is called Vivipins that can assist you going through steps toward designing your pins. That was the style selection point. We’ll move to the size of pins point in more details.

2. Size Selection

There are relations between the size of the lapel pin and two things, the color of the clothes and the pocket . Furthermore, the popular with people is the small size with the metal. It is fashionable with the colorful outfit. Also, small metal lapel pins fit with all kinds of clothes texture. On the other side, a large lapel pin is matching more with the plain colored clothes.

Relating the pocket shape with the lapel pin is very important. We noticed that the square pocket gives formal impression. So, if that the case, we try to add an official look of a lapel pin to the suite. The practical tip of the selecting step is to get the lapel pin that match with the major kinds of clothes. For that reason, people usually get t the metal lapel pins that look attractive to any outfit.

To Wrap Up!


While preparing to have a professional stand out from the crowd as a business employee representing your company, you may become picky in selecting of every single piece you wear. Regarding lapel pins we discussed the significance of lapel pins in marketing, types of pins, and simplified the lapel pins selection for you. It is the final touch for your suite and placing it the right place.

To style your lapel pin for the most advertising outcome, we provide you with a series of tricks. Thus, to begin with, you must make sure that the company’s pin is on the left side over the heart, the rightest place for the lapel pin.

Finally, the personalized pin needs to be matched with the rest of the suite accessories. For example, silver watch match with silver colored lapel pin. Other accessories to be considered are the belt buckle and cufflinks. This major step will give you the polished look.