AI Pin By Humane Set To Ship In March

AI Pin By Humane

Published on January 8th, 2024

5 takeaways: AI Pin By Humane Set

  • AI Pin Shipping Update
  • Priority Orders and Sequence
  • AI Pin Features
  • Pre-order Availability
  • Product Variants and Pricing

Humane, a relatively less-known brand, gained attention with the introduction of its GPT-4-powered AI Pin. The product became available for pre-order in November, and the company has now disclosed the anticipated shipping details.

Initially, Humane had indicated that the AI Pin wouldn’t be shipped until early 2024. However, in a recent announcement on X (formerly Twitter), the company specified that the AI Pin is set to commence shipping in March 2024.

Notably, those who placed priority orders will have their AI Pins dispatched first, with the shipping sequence determined by the order submission date.

Humane emphasizes a commitment to shipping orders based on the chronological order of purchase.

The company considers the date of order placement as a factor in dispatching the devices, highlighting its effort to prioritize early adopters.

For a quick recap, the AI Pin is a wearable projector featuring an undisclosed Snapdragon processor.

Rather than utilizing a traditional screen, the device operates through voice commands and projects information onto the user’s hand.

Its standout feature is AI integration, enabling functionalities like voice-based messaging, AI language translation, and more.

Humane Ai Pin

While the initial batch of AI Pins is set to ship in March, pre-orders are still open on Humane’s website.

The device is offered in three variants: Eclipse (Black) at $699, Lunar (White with polished chrome) at $799, and Equinox (Black with polished chrome) at $799. Interested customers can secure their orders, anticipating the unique features of the AI Pin upon its release.

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