Airtag Aids In Locating Stolen Luggage At Airport Baggage Claim

Airport Baggage Claim

Published on January 12th, 2024

5 Takeaways: Airport Baggage Claim

  • AirTag Success Story
  • Geolocation Precision
  • Collaboration with Law Enforcement
  • Challenge of Recovered Items
  • Growing Use of AirTags in Law Enforcement

In a recent incident at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, a family discovered the power of Apple’s AirTag in recovering stolen luggage.

Upon landing from Florida, the family realized that one of their bags was missing from the baggage claim area. Fortunately, the bag’s owner had discreetly placed an AirTag inside it.

Using the AirTag’s tracking capabilities, the owner determined that the missing bag was in Gastonia, North Carolina, just a short distance away. She promptly traveled to the location and notified the police upon arrival.

Law enforcement officers entered the residence and not only recovered the specific bag in question but also found another suitcase belonging to a different victim whose luggage had also been stolen from the airport.

Airport Baggage Claim

Regrettably, the recovered bag was found to be relatively empty, indicating that the thief may have resold or disposed of its contents. However, this discovery led to the arrest of the suspect, who now faces charges related to multiple theft crimes.

This incident is part of a growing trend where AirTags are proving instrumental in recovering stolen or misplaced items. Law enforcement agencies are increasingly utilizing AirTags to locate missing property efficiently.

In a separate initiative, Washington D.C. recently announced plans to distribute AirTags to residents in certain neighborhoods, aiming to facilitate the tracking of stolen vehicles by law enforcement.

This underscores the expanding role of technology, such as AirTags, in assisting authorities and individuals in the retrieval of stolen belongings.

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Apple Airtag Alternatives

1. Tile:

  • Tile is a popular Bluetooth tracker that helps you find your misplaced items.
  • It offers a range of products, including slim trackers for wallets and key trackers.
  • The Tile app allows you to ring your Tile device to locate your belongings.

2. Chipolo:

  • Chipolo is another Bluetooth tracking device that helps you keep track of your items.
  • It has a replaceable battery and a loud ring to help you locate your belongings.
  • The Chipolo app provides a user-friendly interface for tracking.

3. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag:

  • Samsung’s SmartTag is designed to help you find lost items using Bluetooth technology.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Samsung Galaxy devices and offers a compact design.
  • The SmartThings Find app assists in locating and managing your SmartTag.

4. Apple AirPods:

  • While primarily known for wireless earbuds, Apple AirPods include a Find My feature.
  • The Find My app helps locate your AirPods by showing their last known location on a map.

5. TrackR Pixel:

  • TrackR Pixel is a small, coin-sized Bluetooth tracker with LED lights for visual location cues.
  • The TrackR app allows you to ring your Pixel and see its location on a map.

6. Nutale Findthing:

  • Nutale Findthing is a compact Bluetooth tracker with a replaceable battery.
  • The Nutale app enables you to track and locate your items with ease.

7. Cube Tracker:

  • Cube Tracker is a versatile Bluetooth tracking device for various belongings.
  • The Cube Tracker app provides features like item separation alerts and a community-based lost-and-found network.

8. Orbit Bluetooth Tracker:

  • Orbit offers Bluetooth trackers with a loud alarm to help you find misplaced items.
  • The Orbit app includes additional features such as a last seen GPS location and separation alerts.

9. Pebblebee Finder:

  • The Pebblebee Finder is a Bluetooth tracker with a sleek design.
  • The Pebblebee app offers tracking features and a replaceable battery.

10. XY Find It:

  • XY Find It is a Bluetooth tracking device that helps locate lost items.
  • The XY Find It app provides tracking features and separation alerts for your belongings.