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The Amazing Images Of London Snapped From The Edges Of Skyscrapers


September 20th, 2016   |   Updated on September 30th, 2016

Lukas Spencer has photographed London that no one has taken before; he has taken amazing images from London’s skyline, from the top of City Of London and Canary Wharf buildings. Lukas has explored the city’s highest rooftops for more than a year to create his jawdropping photoseries.

To Lukas, “London is understandably the best place to visit in the UK for the purpose of rooftopping; no other City in the UK offers roof-topping views and opportunities like the capital. The sheer number of cranes and construction projects is the main draw – just arriving into London gets the adrenaline pumping as the whole city feels like your personal playground for the night.”

Let’s explore the fearless photographer amazing photos of London from the edges of the city’s tallest buildings:

Lukas spencer takes a look over the edge of a building in the city of london, which is part of his photo series on the capital’s skyline



One of the roof-toppers climbs up a shaft in london. The climber is  part of a team of explorers and photographers who explore and shoot across the world



A roof-topper peers over the edge of the arcelormittal orbit at the olympic park in london


Spencer is particularly drawn to the city’s skyline because of the scale of building work that has been taking place in recent years



The sheer number of cranes and construction projects is the main draw for rooftop photographers in london



Locations vary from the high rooftops that tower above the city streets below, to the shadowy depths of london’s underground system



This show shot of the sunrise looking out across the thames towards to the 02 arena  is spencer’s favourite picture



A group shot of roof-toppers looking out over the olympic park in stratford, east london



A shot of the lit up olympic stadium captured from the arcelormittal orbit by lukas spencer


A fearless daredevil climbs a crane at a construction site that overlooks the gerkhin in the city of london



Two men look out over the city of london skyline at night from a construction site that over looks the gerkhin



Two daredevil rooftoppers on the edge of a building that overlooks canary wharf in london


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