20 Amazing Products That Will Literally Make You Feel Cool


July 9th, 2017   |   Updated on March 4th, 2019

Some people want to skydive over the Alps, swim with the sharks, or fly a Cessna. Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and purchase most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week our readers are loving right now :

1. Soothing cucumber facial wipes for a mid-day refresher or to take off your melting makeup


Promising review : I started using these after the astringents I was using started really drying out my face. They smell so nice and are very soft. Better yet, they don’t dry out my face and my face feels clean and fresh all day – K. Pack
Get two packs (30 sheets each) from Amazon for $8.11.


2. A beary adorable hydrating eye stick to fix a case of dreaded puffy zombie eyes.

make up

Promising review : I love how soothing and cooling this is. Better than Tony Moly Panda Stick – Amazon Customer
Get it from Amazon for $7.24.


3. A Tetris clock that you won’t be able to stop watching.

skin care

Promising review : When I got the clock, I was happy that it did everything I wanted it to. The novelty of watching each passing minute and hour be updated by a sea of falling tetrominoes was too cool for me to pass up – Amazon Customer.
Get one from Amazon for $56


4. A face and body ice roller to keep in the fridge/freezer for an effective blast of cold at a moment’s notice.

makeup brushes

Promising review : I am an esthetician who has rosacea and is very hot-natured, and I have broken capillaries on my cheeks as well. This product, combined with some topical aloe, has changed my skin — Amazon Customer
Get it from Amazon for $23.19.


5. A bionic wrench that automatically adjusts to the bolt size you need.


Promising review : I ordered 2 different sizes of the Loggerhead Tools Adjustable Bionic Wrenches & I’m glad I did. They are easy to use, sturdy, and very well made – Amazon Customer
Get one from Amazon for $30.


6. A fragrance-free sunscreen that transforms into a weightless, water-like lotion for instant relief from the sun.


Promising review : I absolutely love this sunblock because it’s more like a smooth face cream. I wear it every day. It is high-quality protection and you don’t need an additional moisturizer. Makeup goes on smoothly over it —CMC
Get it from Amazon for $35.99


7. A drain snake to cleanse all the hair from your pipes.

skin care products

Promising review : I am so excited about this product, I had to write my first Amazon review. I recently moved into a house and I noticed that Liquid Plumber wasn’t doing the job on my drains. I bought this on a whim and I was shocked how well it worked – Amazon Customer
Get one from Amazon for $6.


8. Aloe vera gel in both tub and spray form so you’ll never be without its cooling and calming benefits.


Promising review : I use it everyday as a moisturizer and to help remove my hyper-pigmentation. It has helped reduce spots over time, but you have to be patient because it will take about a month to notice a huge difference  -Reah
Get the gel tub from Amazon for $8.54


9. An aluminum-free peppermint deodorant that will leave your ‘pits fresh and tingly.

eye makeup

Promising review : The cooling effect it has when you put it on feels amazing! Like, you-don’t-want-to-stop-applying-it amazing! The scent is perfect and the feel of the product is almost nonexistent. It doesn’t get sticky, clumpy, or leave white residue on clothing — Steven D. Meidinger
Get it from Amazon for $18.


10. A ball collector to magically hoover up all your missed serves.

beauty products online

Promising review : I have two large sweet gum trees in my front yard, so I was anxious to try anything that would help clean the gum balls littering my yard. The Nut Wizard works well for fresh gum balls – Amazon Customer
Get one from Amazon for $57.


11. Kinetic sand that looks and feels borderline erotic.

cosmetics online

Promising review : Great sand! Keeps my toddler busy for HOURS and I actually enjoy playing with it! The glitter isn’t as vibrant as the package but that’s OK. I’m just happy the glitter doesn’t come off and end up everywhere – Amazon Customer
Get some on Amazon for $14.


12. Cooling body wash that will become your very regular summer shower companion.

best skin care products

Promising review : I bought this because one of my two teenage sons was stealing my body wash regularly, but it’s had an additional benefit I didn’t anticipate. Both of my sons use it and now neither of them smell like teenage boy – Amazon Customer
Get it from Amazon for $11.38.


13. Soothing cucumber and green tea eye pads for a mini spa break your overworked eyes totally deserve.

mineral makeup

Promising review : They’re like a mini spa break right in the comfort of your home! Keep the eye pads in the fridge it reallys help ease the discomfort of tired eyes — D’Ann B.
Get a container of 36 pads from Amazon for $10.49.


14. A kitchen slicer that you can slam down onto your fruits and veggies.

face cream

Promising review : Great gadget that makes chopping mushrooms fast and easy. No mess, no fuss. Would like to know if it works well for other things. Pleased – Amazon Customer
Get one from Amazon for $29.


15. A smooth cooling primer to blur pores and fine lines and help foundation look extra flawless.

best beauty products

Promising review : I am able to wear it with or without applying a foundation. It has a nice cooling sensation when it’s being applied and helps with the natural ruddiness of my skin. If I am using foundation, it helps it stay on top of my skin and not sink into any fine lines — Just Janet
Get it from Amazon for $28.


16. A beach mat that sand passes straight through.

makeup set

Promising review : we are at the beach now. Love the blanket.. my daughter said it was a little uncomfortable but her normal towel helped with that. con the worset part os folding it up, so sand collects between the top and bottom and you have to shake it out. After a mouth full of sand the first time… I take a little more care – Amazon Customer
Get one from Amazon for $43.


17. Kitchen knives that nest perfectly inside each other.

wrinkle cream

Promising review : I love this knife set, as I have medical condition where my handgrip size changes in relation to the Fibonacci series – Amazon Customer
Get a set from Amazon for $800.


18. Transparent putty that looks like liquid glass.

anti wrinkle cream

Promising review : Well, this stuff is just delightful. I have ADD and was looking for something fun and quiet to keep my hands busy at work. I’m at a call center, and sometimes I need something to help me focus – Amazon Customer
Get one from Amazon for $20.


19. No-rinse cleansing foam, shower sheets, and muscle recovery gel for an instant refresher or relaxer without making you feel like you’ve been doused in menthol.

makeup sale

Promising review : I used these after a seriously sweaty dance session. They are very refreshing, minty, and I was very impressed with how clean I felt without a shower after using them —Tisiphone
Get the Flash Bath from Sephora for $22


20. A cooling daily lotion that’s basically the best alternative to standing next to a Icelandic waterfall

facial products

Promising review : The glacial water, fatty-acids, and yeast extract in this light lotion definitely seem to have supernatural powers. It’s somewhere between a balm and a serum; I like to put it on before moisturizer for a bit of a skin-detox boost, and because it contains aloe and other cooling ingredients, you feel a blast of freshness like you’re standing on the edge of Gullfoss — Laura Silver
Get it from Amazon for $45.

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