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27 Amazing Stuffs To Keep You Healthy.You Need Just One For Daily Workouts


Published on January 3rd, 2017

You will be overwhelmed with the amazing array of fitness machines available in the market. However, you don’t need a gym to get your fitness on, all you need is a smart fitness equipment and a bit of floor space for your new gear.

We’ve picked 27 must-have collected amazing home gym equipment for various types of workouts. Get any one of the machines at your home and you’ll never need to opt for a gym membership again.

1. Virtual Fighting Fitness Game

Virtual Fighting Fitness Game

Nexersys delivers the benefits of a personal trainer and boxing/MMA high-intensity interval training.Includes personal profiles for up to 200 users and provides real time results with complete workout history. Get one here.


2. Indoor Virtual Bike Trainer

Indoor Virtual Bike Trainer

Whether you are riding a virtual course or performing a structured wattage workout, the KICKR will deliver a unique training experience unmatched by any trainer on the market. The KICKR Power Trainer is can be controlled via a iDevice with BTLE enabled, BTLE Mac Book, or a Windows PC with ANT+ dongle. Whether you are coasting down a hill or hammering up a steep col, the KICKR will make you feel like you are outside on the road. Available here.


3. Outdoor Elliptical Exercise Bicycle

Outdoor Elliptical Exercise Bicycle

Elliptical cycling combines the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer to give you a fun and effective way to exercise outdoors. Since it is a low-impact exercise, elliptical cycling allows you to build cardio fitness while being easy on your joints. That makes it great for everyone – young or old, health conscious to elite. Revolutionize Your Fitness with an ElliptiGO elliptical bike.


4. Treadmill Desk Workstation

Treadmill Desk Workstation

Too busy to work out on a daily basis? Turn to the TrekDesk treadmill desk, which encourages you to walk slowly on a treadmill while you talk to clients, type up proposals, or catch up on your email. Designed to attach to most existing treadmills, the TrekDesk was originally built for offices, with a variety of features meant to keep employees productive and fit throughout the day. Available here

5. Aquatic Treadmill

Aquatic Treadmill

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. Get one here


6. Folding Bicycle

Folding Bicycle

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike. One of Dahon’s most popular bicycles. Lightweight and quick folding, the Mariner makes it ideal for trips that include a bus or train. Folding in less than 15 seconds and light enough to carry on public transport. Product available here.

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7. Water Rowing Exercise Machine

Water Rowing Exercise Machine

The WaterRower Natural is handcrafted from solid Ash wood, finished with a honey oak stain and danish oil. The WaterRower’s patented WaterFlywheel has been specifically designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving though water and is unsurpassed in its simulation of the physical and physiological benefits of rowing. Available here.


8. Sit Down Elliptical Machine

Sit Down Elliptical Machine

Burn off some much needed calories while you’re anchored to your desk with help from this sit down elliptical machine. The patented hinges allow your feet and lower legs to move as they please without disturbing the rest of your body. Available here.


9. Led Smart Jump Rope

LED Smart Jump Rope

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air as you work out. Smart Rope syncs with our mobile fitness platform, Smart Gym, to track your jump count, calories burned, and workout times. Smart Gym will also recommend interval training sessions for you based on your skill level, and keeps you motivated by unlocking awards and allowing you to compete with your friends via Facebook. Check this out here.


10. Gravity Release Bench Press

Gravity Release Bench Press

It allows athletes to press the upper limits and rescue themselves from heavy weights by simply pushing a foot lever. source :

11. Treadmill Workstation

Treadmill Workstation

We know, you’ve always wanted to be able to work and exercise at once. Well, now you can, with the Exerpeutic 2000 Workfit High Capacity Desk Station Treadmill! That’s right, this fantastically constructed, motorized treadmill features a desk for your computer, book, iPad, or whatever you desire. Track your workout statistics with the LCD display, and feel good about killing two birds with one stone. Click here


12. Office Chair Workout Device

Office Chair Workout Device

Office Gym is a ground-breaking resistance training device that is designed to be attached to the back rest of virtually any office chair. Install it on your own existing chair and start stretching and training your body and help prevent all postural conditions that are caused by many hours sitting at a desk, every day. You can strengthen your muscles and improve your circulation, all while sitting at your desk. Check this out here.


13. Full Body Resistance Training Suit

Full Body Resistance Training Suit

The MASS suit is a unique patented design used by many professionals to provide resistance training to your entire body by using rubber resistance bands. The resistance starts as soon as you clip the bands while just standing before doing any type of athletic movement. Get one here.


14. Weighted Workout Shirt

Weighted Workout Shirt

Titin Force Weighted Shirt System – White Intensify your training with the world’s only weighted compression shirt system. Meet the Titin, a three part, heavy-duty weighted shirt system featuring a zippered inner shirt with fourteen strategically placed pockets that place 8 pounds of fit-right, hydro-gel inserts across your upper body and upper arms. Available here.


15. Aerial Yoga Hammock

Aerial Yoga Hammock

The Deluxe flying yoga hammock, the third generation in custom designed aerial yoga hammocks by Flying Trapeze artist, Kerry Tice. The simplicity of design makes this yoga hammock easy to wash and adds flying functionality. Get one here.

16. Biometric Apparel

Smart performance apparel that monitors your biosignals and distills them into meaningful insights. Containing the most advanced biosignal technology outside of the lab, the Core tracks biosignals and delivers that data straight to your mobile app.


17. Heart Rate & Activity Tracking Bracelet

Heart Rate & Activity Tracking Bracelet

Get accurate wrist-based heart rate during exercise. Track all day activity, including sleep, steps, calories, distance, pace & goal. Tracking sleep requires a simple software update. You can catch this one here.


18. Kettlebell Dumbbell Clamp

Kettlebell Dumbbell Clamp

The KettleClamp offers a REAL kettlebell experience, offering great balance and an authentic feel. Strong, fast, and safe, it fits into your gym bag and budget. Check this out here.


19. Brainwave Fitness Headband

Brainwave Fitness Headband

Muse is your personal meditation assistant. While you meditate, Muse measures whether your mind is calm or active, and translates that data into weather sounds. When you’re calm, you’ll hear peaceful weather sounds. When your mind wanders, the weather will intensify, guiding you back to a calm state. You can catch this one here.


20. Vibram Five Fingers Feet Shoes

Vibram Five Fingers Feet Shoes

Aside from weird looks you might receive, these five finger shoes are a cool way to get back to your caveman roots and build up your core foot muscles that completely atrophied ever since you put on your first pair of sneakers. Catch this one here.


21. Six Pack Abs Training Gear

Six Pack Abs Training Gear

EMS theory derived from the study of the world’s best, was born from its own technology, training theory of Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s No.1 foot borer of MTG, revolutionary training gear. More strongly, to the beautiful body. Check this out here.

22. Smart Eyewear For Athletes

Smart Eyewear For Athletes

Maximize your daily runs and bike rides by staying connected with help from the Recon Jet smart eye wear. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit as you move – feeding you with the data you need without overwhelming your field of vision. Get one here.


23. Multi-Vitamins For Drinkers

Multi-Vitamins For Drinkers

You can now live a healthy life style while also being a raging alcoholic – all thanks to these multi-vitamins for drinkers! These multi-vitamins are the real deal, created specifically to help drinkers replenish nutrients needed for healthy liver function and much more. Catch this one here


24. Hand Exerciser

Hand Exerciser

Keep your fingers strong and nimble by incorporating the hand exerciser into your workouts. Ideal for musicians, it increases and helps maintain strength and dexterity in your fingers in addition to providing a rigorous workout for the hands and forearms. Available here


25. Exercise Storage Belt

Exercise Storage Belt

Keep your personal belongings safe while working out by wearing the exercise storage belt. This fashionable and comfortable accessory is available in virtually any color you like and features a series of pockets to store your stuff in while getting your workout on. Catch this one here


26. Nike Fuel Band

Exercise Storage Belt

Help maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking your daily activity using the Nike fuel band. This high tech gadget allows you to track calories burned and the number of steps you take so that you can monitor your progress in real time and achieve your goals more easily. Available here

27. Grass Sandals


Keep yourself grounded to the earth by having your feet touching freshly cut grass at all times with these grass sandals. Made from durability high quality synthetic grass, these sandals will provide you with a unique shoe experience that will definitely be a conversation starter. You can catch this one here