Android Auto 10.5 Officially Released With Stable Version

Android Auto 10.5 Officially Released

Published on October 2nd, 2023

Google has officially released Android Auto 10.5 on the Google Play Store, marking its transition from the beta phase to the stable channel.

This update signifies that Google has incorporated valuable feedback from developers and testers, making it ready for public use.

The rigorous bug testing and stability checks have concluded, ensuring a relatively stable experience for users.

Android Auto 10.4, released in early September, focused primarily on enhancing stability without introducing significant changes.

This reflects Google’s new approach to Android Auto updates, prioritizing minor refinements to enhance the user experience.

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These updates aim to make Android Auto smoother and more reliable, rather than adding new features, especially following the major UI overhaul introduced a few months ago.

The Coolwalk User Interface, reminiscent of Apple CarPlay’s modern design, was introduced a while ago.

It brought features like split-screen multitasking, a dock, an improved media player, optimized map display, Material You theming, and more to Android Auto.

Despite an extended beta phase, the stability at launch was less than ideal, with issues such as Ghost Touch problems and random freezes.

These stability concerns persisted through the previous five Android Auto versions, with Google not directly addressing them in updates.

Therefore, it remains uncertain whether Android Auto 10.5 addresses these issues.

The Beta version of Android Auto 10.5 was available for download earlier this month, allowing users to test it before it reached the Stable Channel for public use.

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Those interested in becoming testers can officially sign up for Beta versions on the Play Store or download and install APKs from trusted sources to test the new versions independently.

The rollout of Android Auto 10.5 adheres to Google’s usual gradual release process, meaning not everyone will receive the update simultaneously.

The timing depends on factors such as your region, and if you’re eager to try it, you can manually download and install it. This controlled rollout helps ensure better stability in public builds.

To experience Android Auto 10.5, you can download the stable version’s APK onto your device.

As the app has multiple valid signatures, you may need to determine the most suitable one for your device.

After installation, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

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Although Android Auto 10.5 is primarily a stability update, users have reported a bug involving apps like Waze and Google Maps.

These apps occasionally lose GPS tracking and freeze during use, returning to normal after a few seconds. This issue may be related to Android Auto 10.5.

Unfortunately, Android Auto 10.5 ships without official release notes or patch notes, leaving users in the dark about specific changes.

Nevertheless, Android Auto is expected to receive more apps in the future, including vehicle diagnosis tools like OBD2, adding to its functionality and convenience.

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