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Angel Brinks Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Husband, Biography [Updated]

Angel Brinks Net Worth 2024

January 13th, 2023   |   Updated on February 17th, 2024

Angel Brinks Bio Highlights:

Angel Brinks is a TV personality, social media celebrity, and entrepreneur known for her fashion brand.

    • The brand sells premium and fashionable dresses, jumpsuits, shoes, and accessories.

Angel gained fame on “Basketball Wives” and leveraged it to launch her fashion business.

    • Celebrities like Trina, Cardi B, and Erica Mena have worn her designs.

Angel Brinks’ net worth is around $500,000 as of 2024.

    • She is the ex-girlfriend of basketball player Tyreke Evans and has two children with him.

Angel Brinks operates an online shop with a focus on fashion, particularly dresses and bodysuits.

    • She is also a guest columnist for the Las Vegas Sun News.

Angel Brinks, born on October 19, 1982, is 40 years old in 2022, with Armenian and Italian ethnicity.

    • She started her fashion journey by taking ballet classes at the age of three.

Angel Brinks began her fashion store in 2010, expanding to children’s clothing in 2013.

    • In 2017, she launched organic skincare products.

She appeared in seasons 4, 5, and 10 of “Basketball Wives” and was married to NBA player Tyreke Evans.

    • Her first husband, rapper Bruce Sandrine, committed suicide three months after their marriage.

Angel Brinks is a television personality, social media celebrity, celebrity wife, and entrepreneur of Angel Brinks, a fashion brand that sells dresses, jumpsuits, shoes, and accessories. What’s more, all products are premium and fashionable.

As a fashion designer, Angel has put all of her skills into her fashion brand. However, she rose to prominence by appearing on the hit reality show, Basketball Wives.

Angel Brinks became known for her skills and competed as the wife of Tyreke Evans on the reality show.

When she became famous on this reality show, Angel planned to turn her popularity into a business. It was advertised indirectly on this show.

But no one can deny that Angel is a star fashion designer. As a single woman, she launched a fashion brand and many celebrities such as Trina, Cardi B, and Erica Mena have worn her Angel dresses at many events.

Net Worth Of Angel Brinks

Entrepreneur and celebrity Angel Brinks came to the public eye in 2014 when she joined the cast of the reality TV show Basketball Wives LA. Her net worth is around $500,000 as of 2023. Designing her clothing line was a bold move for her. Now let’s take a look at her personal life.

She starred in her Basketball Wives LA, but surprisingly little is known about her personal life, not being a main character. Brinks is the ex-girlfriend of basketball player Tyreke Evans. She has two children with him. Her exact age and date of birth have not been made public.

Angel Brinks operates her online shop, which mainly sells fashion such as dresses and bodysuits. It beautifully accentuates the same body type as Brink’s – the voluptuous hourglass figure. A slim waist, large natural bust, and rounded hips are Angel’s distinguishing assets.

She also has other sources of income to supplement her assets. Angel Brinks is a guest columnist for the Las Vegas Sun News. There is no information about her current boyfriend after she broke up with Tyreek. She could be single by 2023

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Early life Of Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks was born in Los Angeles, California on October 19, 1982, and will be 40 years old in 2022. There are no details about her family, but she is of Armenian and Italian ethnicity. And she was born under the zodiac sign of Libra.

Angel has had a great passion for designing her clothes and dancing ballet since her childhood. At the age of three, Angel She Brinks began taking ballet classes and she also appeared in several songs with Jennifer Lopez as a backup dancer. There is currently no educational information for Angel Brinks.

However, Angel Brinks completed a fashion design course at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She added that she attended Night College and graduated.


Angel Brinks is a talented fashion designer. So she planned to open Angel Brinks, a fashion store in 2010. She sells a wide range of products including dresses, shoes, swimwear, jackets, tops, bottoms, perfumes, belts, handbags, clutches, earrings, and rings. Brinks has established itself as a company that specializes in designing hot and sexy dresses.

Thus, all her hard work paid off and her designs were featured in her 2012 New York Fashion Week and her 2013 and 2014 Facet runway shows in her studio. In 2013, Angel expanded its business to children. She opened a department dedicated to children.

And In 2017, Angel Brinks launched organic skin care products, and even those products were a big hit. Everyone liked it, so her business fame leveled off year after year. Currently, many celebrities around the world are choosing dresses.

Angel Brinks In Basketball Wives

Angel Brinks second husband is the famous NBA player Tyreke Evans, which is why she’s joining the series of Basketball Wives. She is a talented contestant and Angel Brinks has appeared in seasons 4, 5, and 10 of the reality show Basketball Wives of Los Angeles.

By participating in this show, Angel gained more fans from all over the world. She later divorced her husband, Tyreke Evans.

Angel Brinks First Husband

Dating Angel Brinks First Husband has been trending on the internet for a long time, so it’s not going away. Her ex-husband committed suicide after marrying Angel Brinks, and they separated after three months of marriage.

Angel Brinks recently revealed a dark secret of her life. And for many years, no one knew the details of Angel’s first husband.

But recently we found out that his name is rapper Bruce Sandrine. On July 4, 2007, he was found dead at his home in Las Vegas. At that time, Angel and Bruce were getting a divorce. Angel was pregnant with her first child when he died and she was carrying this baby at 34 weeks of age. The boy’s name is Azari.

In her interview, she said that his son Azari enjoyed all cartoons and had a happy childhood, but he suddenly asked where his father had gone.

Angel Brink Age And Height

Angel Brink will be 40 years old in 2022. But no one believes Angel is in his 40s. Because her charming hourglass body makes everyone fall in love with her. Her height is 5 feet 10 inches or she is 167 cm or 1.67 meters and she weighs around 60 kg or 132 pounds.

She dyed her hair and regularly adjusted her dark pupils. She’s an African.

Angel Brinks BIO SNAPSHOT 2024

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) About Angel Brinks

Angel is on the list of the most popular fashion designers. She is also included in the elite list of American-born celebrities.

Angel Brinks birthday is on October 19th.

Has Angel Brinks Had A Baby?

Angel now has three children. According to The Ancestry, her third child was born in November 2021 with boyfriend Rocc Star. She shares her first child, Azari, with her ex-husband who died when she was nine months pregnant.

Who Is Angel Brinks?

Brinks is best known as an American fashion designer, boutique owner, reality TV personality, and executive producer.

Who Is Angel Love Davis?

Angel Love Davis is a 27-year-old actress born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What Basketball Player Did Angel Brinks Date?

Tyreke Evans

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