Woman Starts Coughing And Screaming After Watching Annabelle

Watching Annabelle

August 22nd, 2017   |   Updated on July 20th, 2022

The unnamed 20-year-old had visited a cinema in Teresina, north-east Brazil, for a late-night showing of U.S. film Annabelle: Creation. A Brazilian woman has had be rushed to hospital after becoming hysterical while watching new horror film.

A video filmed on a mobile phone shows the woman lying on the floor of a shopping center outside the cinema, screaming and coughing uncontrollably.

The horror movie Annabelle: Creation is being touted as one of the scariest movies. It has also created lots of buzz on social media.

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In a bizarre incident in Brazil, a woman was reported to have acted strangely after watching the movie Annabelle: Creation.

In a video released by a news channel, the woman is shown screaming and coughing after leaving from a late night show of Hollywood Annabelle: Creation. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital.

A still from Annabelle: Creation


Video shows a woman after she went to the cinema to see the new horror film Annabelle: Creation in northeast Brazil

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Prequel: Annabelle: Creation tells the tale of how the porcelain-faced doll became possessed

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Audience Reviews For Annabelle: Creation

Trent G : It developed the creepiness well and had some good jump scares, but once you show the demon, you lose me. Keep the shadows and hidden scares, but make me fear without seeing the fear.


McKenzie P : Honestly one of the most terrifying movies I have seen lately. But then again dolls always scared the crap out of me.

Compared to other horror movies that have recently been released this one definitely makes the top 3.

The story started off slow but when it got scary, it stayed scary and that is how I like it. Definitely kept the audience on their toes!

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Jake A : This film is a prequel to the first Annabelle film and is a vast improvement upon that film which I know isn’t saying much considering how bad that film was but this was a nice surprise and entertaining for the majority of its runtime.

David F. Sandberg manages to direct this film far better than John R. Leonetti did with the first Annabelle film which results in a scarier, more intense but also somewhat character driven horror film that has plenty of solid set pieces mixed in with likable characters and great camerawork.


Dan A : I really enjoyed this one. It was just a horror film having fun being a horror film.

Which reminded me of the brainless horror of the 80’s. It was not nearly as good as the rest of the films. The pacing and some of the direction just felt off.


Ricky A : This was genuinely a scary movie. Definitely one of the scarier ones I’ve seen in a while.

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Movie M : Annabelle Creation is the prequel to Annabelle, and the 4th instalment in The Conjuring series.

And I have to say that while this is easily the better out of the two Annabelle movies, it also comes close to beating out one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in my life, The Conjuring.


Rouén R : The prequel to a prequel that is better that what it comes after or should that be what it comes before.

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Jairo A : A must see if you’re into horror films. About time a rated R film that doesn’t kill it with too much visual effects and sticks it to the original true story.


Jule D : I never did see the first Anabelle, but I definitely will now that I’ve seen this one.

I know that it’s not quite up to par to this one or the Conjuring films, but I’m a big fan of James Wan.

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Marlon I : I did not want to see this but saw it eventually. Its not that bad. Just very generic and predictable. Very fun movie with a audience though.

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Andrew F : Being the sequel to a generally mixed receive horror (which personally I enjoyed), Annabelle Creation sees a dramatic change in the franchise to a all round stronger entry to the Conjuring franchise and a generally warmer received entry than its predecessor.

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Pablo G : Many critics consider the word “flawed” as one that encompasses a wide variety of tiny mistakes and things that just dont work as they should’ve, and thats exactly the case with Anabelle Creation: While it has some creative moments and good scares, its basic structure doesnt give it any ground to improve, and much less to avoid being just a tad dissapointing due to its faults.

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dustin j : best movie I have literally ever seen knocks all other scary movies out of the water!! wouldn’t recommend for kids under 17 lol will make u wanna sleep with the lights on!! best money I have ever spent!!

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Jasper T : So scary! The whole theater was screaming in their seats. Great addition to the conjuring universe; explains more and helps better understanding.

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Natoli S : This movie is way better than the first Annabelle! The scares were great and so was the acting.

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Jovem tem surto após assistir Annabelle no Teresina Shopping

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