10 Apps That Will Help You To Earn Some Money

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March 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on April 4th, 2020

With the advent of the Internet, playing poker online has become very easy as there are thousands of websites which offer playing online. Many big casinos have also opened their app which can help the players to play the game on their Smartphone.

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As Smartphone is becoming a household item these days, the popularity of these apps is increasing with every passing day. You can download any of the following apps in your Smartphone and start playing various gambling games. You will be surprised to know that some of these apps offer free poker tips which you can use while playing the game.

The below-mentioned apps can help you to play poker with ease.

1. Bravo Poker Live

It’s one of the most popular apps and their system has been used in most of the poker rooms available in the US so as to manage player, games and their waiting list. As the poker sites provide you with relevant information about their site you would be able to know about their current promotions, various poker rooms, tournaments which they provide and everything that you wish to know. The best part of this app is that you can now get the listing based on your current location. It’s the best poker app to get all the latest information and updates.


2. Appeak Poker

It’s the best app for poker reviews which is user-friendly and which provides you with a wide range of options. You can either opt to play immediately, join and sit or can even try to explore various other features such as Bingo Bang, MTTs and more. The most innovative feature which you can find here is that you can now represent your country against people who are from different countries. You can find chat boxes, tables as well as cards. With the latest updates of having customized avatars, it is now the most used app.


3. World Series Of Poker

This is one of the most popular free poker apps available which would provide you with a number of free chips, easy to use interface and a chance to win bracelets and virtual WSOP rings. This is an addictive and fun app through which you can now travel to different places virtually whether it is Paris, Tokyo or any other place. The best thing to know about this app is that you can now log in to your Facebook account so that you can continuously enjoy playing over your computer, tablet or mobile.


4. Poker Odds Calculator

This is an amazing tool app which would let you input details of Hold Em, Omaha high or low so that you can now find the winning percentage. The real-time odds can be generated through a calculator or by simulated approximation till 9 players which is actually based on a number of the unknown. It’s a great learning tool and can be updated to the next version where you will be provided with much more flexibility and additional settings.


5. The Poker Income Tracker

It is one of the best apps with which you can now manage your money. This app will help you to have a track over your location, stakes, the times for which you played and various results for tournaments and live games. It will help you to record the data and will help you to analyze the various aspects of your game. It will even let you check your long-term results over a period of time. Through this app, you would be able to know in which place were you able to get more profits, when you are doing your best when you might not be doing well and more.


6. ITM Poker Bankroll Manager

If you wish to manage multiple deposits, payrolls, rakebacks, bonuses or even cash outs for your live play over multiple sites then this is the best app for you. You can choose any version of this app to enjoy the bankroll management strategy calculator so as to protect whatever you have won. You can actually find a number of poker management apps available in the market but this one actually works amazingly. Though this app is available only for the Android devices this is one of the most recommended apps when you are looking for a good poker bankroll management app.


7. Poker Stars

This app is very dependable as it is a very renowned poker site in the world, operating since 2001. They have many advanced features and endorsements are really like a professional player. Their software developers are in-house and hence they can fix any bugs within a few minutes.


8. Zynga Poker

It is considered to be the best app if you are interested in winning money by playing poker. This app can be installed on Windows, iOS, Android and offers a lot of flexibility according to the tournaments. From a casual approach to a highly competitive one, all types of tables are available at all times of the day. Players here can get around 100,000 more Zynga chips on a daily basis. In 2015 they added many new features which are really helping the players to earn more money.


9. Poker Dealmaker

It is a very good app for the table players who have reached a final stage. At that stage, they are fully ready to either chop or make a deal. Just have a look at the payouts that the tournaments offer and just see the size of the other players’ amount. At this juncture, it can give you a clear idea of how much you are going to make if you make a deal. If you buy this app at a small price of $1.99, it will help to save hundreds of dollars in the future, if you consider playing in the long run.


10. 888 Poker

This is one of the most trusted and recommended mobile poker app in the world market these days. Being eCOGRA certified, you can be assured that you will be using the most secure and legitimate gaming app. With this app, you will get a wide number of games and also play in multi-tables. Deposits and withdrawals are very prompt and a wide variety of payment methods are available.