30 April Fools’ Day Pranks To Play On Your Friends

April Fools’ Day Pranks

April 1st, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

April 1 is officially April Fools’ Day. So you should be prepared with a bevvy of hilarious pranks that you can play on friends and family members.

Here’s your chance to pull an April Fools’ prank your friends will never forget. Most of them are actually pretty fun.

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1. Your head in a jar, in the fridge prank.

april fools pranks


2. Spill “milk” all over your kid’s most prized possession.

april fools day pranks


3. Serve a dessert grilled cheese.

funny pranks


4. Also fun? Putting googly eyes on the food in your refrigerator.



5. Want a prank that will make your kid’s heart race? Put a surprise in the mailbox.

april fool ideas

6. Serve up a glass of juice that is really Jell-O.

good pranks


7. Give your kid a fortune cookie with a prank fortune.

best april fools pranks


8. Set out a bowl filled with a mix of M&M’s, Skittles, and Reese’s Pieces.

good april fools pranks


9. Put some “melted ice cream” on your kid’s prized possession.

april fools day 2017

10. Shock your kids by suddenly biting into your Coke bottle.

pranks for april fools


11. Put this cup upside down on your kid’s desk.

april fools pranks for friends


12. Want to REALLY give your kid (or teenager, hopefully) a jolt? Stick a photo like this in their pencil drawer.

april fools pranks for adults


13. Time for some A+ doughnut pranks — like this glazed doughnut box full of fresh, delicious…broccoli.

best april fools jokes


14. Okay, this one is gross — but if you rip up a toilet paper roll, wet it, and then mash it together, it looks exactly like, well… see below.

easy april fools pranks


15. This recipe for poop-shaped cookies can be used for all kinds of pranks.

good april fools day pranks

16. Here’s a sweet prank — use yogurt and a halved peach to make a faux sunny-side-up egg.

april fools pranks for kids


17. Hide bubble wrap under a rug and wait for your kid to step on it.

april fools day ideas


18. Cover your kid’s bed — pillows and stuffies included — with plastic wrap.

good april fools


19. You’ll either love or hate this one, but your kid will never forget it!

april fools pranks on parents


20. Cover the remote sensor with a piece of tape.

funny april fools pranks


21. Block the spout of your kid’s shampoo bottle.

april fools day pranks at home

22. Switch the bags inside two boxes of cereal.

april fools day pranks for kids


23. Take a screencap of the desktop on your kid’s iPad or computer and leave it up full screen.

best april fools pranks ever

24. Paint a bar of soap with nail polish and leave it in the shower.

april fools prank ideas


25. When your kids are sleeping, switch them into each other’s bed.

pranks for kids


26. Pick up your kids from school wearing a funny wig

pranks for april fools day


27. You can also tell your kid you bought them an iPhone.

best april fools day pranks


28. Superglue a couple coins to the ground outside.

simple pranks


29. The old toothpaste-in-the-Oreos prank.

funny pranks for kids


30. Fake head in the bed.

april fools day prank ideas


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