Are Selfies The Key To Boost Your Attractiveness? Study Reveals Startling Facts!

May 25th, 2016   |   Updated on September 17th, 2021

Selfies are everywhere. The selfie syndrome is strong. Increasing use of smartphones has given boost to the popularity of selfies.


If you scroll through Kim Kardashian  social profiles, you’ll generally be greeted with her sexiest, scantily-clad selfies.


Image Source: Sheknows

But, what exactly do selfies say about the people in front of the camera? Are selfies just a result of the fact that everyone has access to a smartphone or are they more than that?

According to a recently published study, selfie snappers overwhelmingly overestimated their attractiveness and likability significantly more than the non-selfie takers. However,  those selfie-takers are not only seen as narcissistic but they apparently also have a distorted view of their own attractiveness. And rubbing salt to their wounds, external judges rated the selfie-takers as being less attractive, likeable and more narcissistic.

Elsa Godart, a renowned French psychoanalyst and philosopher, in her book I Selfie Therefore I Am, describes selfie takers as being “stuck in a state of adolescent crisis,” and insists that this phenomenon will only propagate insecurities and provoke precisely the kind of neurotic and self-questioning behaviour that characterises adolescence. Small children are literally their own love interests: they find jubilation in pictures of themselves.”


Image Source: Mirror

All said and done, if taking a selfie makes you feel attractive and boosts your self-esteem, better take a selfie and forget about others’ perception.


Image Source: Glamour

Source: Mirror, Glamour