Hair Care At Home With Salon Results

Hair Care At Home

January 8th, 2021   |   Updated on June 9th, 2023

You ever thought of being bound in the homes for so long? Covid 19 has definitely turned out the tables for a lot of people. Talking about a saloon visit for your routine treatments might sound crazy in such a situation.

But you don’t need to worry at all. We have got you covered with the best hair care tips and techniques to get the same results as if you just returned from a saloon.

Furthermore, you can follow this hair care treatment plan with the prose hair care products whenever you are short on money or time and cannot visit a salon.

The process is quick, with a total of 5 steps, each of which will take a small amount of time, and you are all set to rock with that silky, shiny hair.

Scalp Detoxification

You can begin the process using a safe and effective scalp mask made up of all the natural ingredients that can help your scalp maintain balanced oil concentration. Apply the scalp mask before shower and give your hair a gentle gift of hydration and exfoliation.

If done at least once a month or probably after three weeks, this treatment can prevent a dry and flaky scalp that itches insanely. Gentle exfoliation and scrubbing can help you eliminate all the dead skin cells and lumps of debris from your scalp.

Don’t Forget The Length And Ends Of your Hair

Likewise, the scalp, your hair length, and ends also require care and attention. Therefore, if you want to get adequately hydrated and small hair down the length, you should never ignore them.

Shampoo Your Hair Properly

Before applying shampoo, make sure the water you are using is neither too cold nor too hot as it can make your sebaceous glands produce more oils and result in much greasy hair than ever.

Once you adjust the temperature, apply the sulfate-free shampoo to your hair thoroughly, and massage gently to form the lather. Afterwards, rinse it properly and make sure the shampoo is obliterated.

Shampooing your hair correctly every other day is significant for maintaining a balanced scalp and preventing debris buildup on your scalp. A gentle and compatible shampoo helps to moisturize your hair as well.

Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioning is vital for smooth, managed, and tangle-free hair. Apply the conditioner down the length of your hair; make sure not to use the conditioner on your scalp. Let it stand for not more than 2-3 minutes and rinse it off thoroughly.

Consider Leave-In Conditioners

The leave-in conditioners are explicitly designed to be left in your hair, giving them a more lustrous and glossy look.

Blow-Dry Your Hair

If you have straight hair, you can blow dry those to add some volume and give your hair a salon treatment look. Let your hair dry a bit but not entirely, and pump your hair in the opposite side so that when you flip them back, they will appear fuller.

Moreover, if you have curly hair, prefer using some oils and serums before blow-drying to lessen the frizz and reduce the damage.

Add Up Some Curls

If you want curls or coils, select the appropriate tong and start styling your hair but make sure you have used a heat protectant to prevent heat damage.

Once you are finished, you can use some curl creams to make your curls and coils well defined while giving an additional bonus of moisture to your hair strands.

Concluding Thoughts

It does not matter if you cannot visit a salon; your perfect hair care treatment is never dependent entirely on salons. By choosing the right hair care products and using them properly, you can do your hair care at home with saloon results.

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