5 Tips To Make Pregnancy More Enjoyable

Make Pregnancy More Enjoyable

January 8th, 2021   |   Updated on June 9th, 2023

When you think of the morning sickness, the pain, and the numerous changes that happen to the body during pregnancy, you would wonder if it is possible to have an enjoyable pregnancy.

Well, it is possible. By following the right tips and doing things the right way, you can have a smooth and enjoyable journey through your nine months duration.

Now, don’t get things wrong. It’s not like you won’t have the ups and downs because creating a new life is not a minute task.

However, you can make the period less problematic for yourself and everyone around you. Let’s look at the top five tips to make pregnancy more enjoyable for you.

1. Understand Your Body

The first thing you must know when it comes to pregnancy is learning about your different body’s signs.

Issues relating to deficiency in calcium, healthy fats, and iron are associated with discomforts during pregnancy. Not getting properly hydrated is another cause of discomforts in pregnancy.

Being able to recognize this deficiency and taking steps to remedy them can prevent a lot of pregnancy-related issues like fatigue, morning sickness, headaches, leg cramps, and varicose veins, among others. Make sure you stay in touch with your doula and take your pregnancy supplements religiously.

2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Falter

Pregnancy Test After Ovulation

Don’t add emotional stress to all that you have to deal with in pregnancy. Yes, you have to eat healthily and take your supplements.

Like many new moms-to-be, you may even have read some books that give strict eating recommendations that include dark green leafy, veggies, and fruits. The truth is that there will be days that you don’t feel like pushing the veggies down your throat.

There are days that you will feel like if you don’t have your pack of chocolates, you’re going to die. On those days, don’t beat up yourself.

Indulge a little and eat what you feel like eating. Tomorrow is another day and you can always get back to your eating guidelines.

However, don’t make a habit of it. Remember, you need to eat healthy to keep you and your baby in top shape. The bottom line is that you should do away with emotional stress. Nothing is cast in stone in pregnancy.

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3. Get As Active As You Can Be

When people tell you to do little and rest a whole lot, take that advice with a grain of salt. You are better off getting active than sitting around and resting. However, don’t overdo things.

Let common sense and your feeling guide you on what is right and what is not. Live your normal life and rest when you feel tired. This is why it is very important to know how to read your body.

4. Find Exercise And Movement That Suits You

Know About Pregnancy

Don’t stop being you because you are pregnant. If you love yoga, hiking, running, aerobics, or weight lifting, don’t abandon what you love.

Adapt your movements and exercises to what you are comfortable with now. As you get bigger, there will be positions and poses that won’t work for you. Get creative and adapt your exercise regimen to your size and comfort.

5. Look And Feel Beautiful

Being pregnant doesn’t make you ugly. Many new moms feel weird when they look in the mirror and they see some pounds hanging around and their nose and face looking big. Well, it comes with pregnancy but that doesn’t make you look ugly.

Take your time to dress well and feel beautiful. If you can, invest in a new wardrobe and get some sexy maternity wears to look and feel good. If you are up to it, apply some makeup, and rock your pregnancy.


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Remember, you won’t be pregnant forever. It’s just a nine-month period. So, make the best of it and don’t regret any moment of the time.


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