Winning Real Money At Online Casinos: True Or Fake?

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Published on February 8th, 2021

With the widespread growth of online gambling, a lot of people question the reality of winning in such games. Without a doubt, it is possible to collect payouts when gambling at online casinos.

The winnings are usually granted by casino games when the desired event occurs. For instance, in slot machines, payouts are awarded if a player gets combinations of similar icons.

Roulette, on the other hand, rewards gamblers for guessing the winning pocket correctly. Withdrawable payouts are only awarded to punters who use real-money bets.

The possibility of winning in online casinos exists, but the chances are out of the players’ hands. Payouts are awarded at random using RNG programs, which makes them impossible to predict or alter. Here are some applicable practices that can help you make the most of the opportunities that come by.

Select The Right Casino

Thousands of casino options exist online, each of them competing in the services they offer. Rogue casinos thrive alongside legitimate ones, and they pause risk to fair and secure winnings.

Learn how to sift through the various options and pick reputable gaming sites. The best way to tell the best gambling clubs is by checking to see whether they have licenses, which are usually displayed on the homepage.

The most reliable providers include the MGA, UKG, AGCC, and GRA. These permits confirm that the offered games are tested for fairness and so is the casino. Also, read through the reviews of other punters that have tried their services and choose those that get positive remarks.

Use Bonuses And Promotions

Bonus provision kicked off with the online gambling venture and has stuck to become part of the industry’s culture. Casinos continue to use bonuses such as charming tools to tempt players into spending their money.

These bonuses come in handy as a tool to build your bankroll without having to pay too much. The offers are awarded as welcome, no deposit, reload, and loyalty offers, and they are provided as:

  • Match promotions – reward a percentage of the deposit used to activate the offer up to a specified limit.
  • Cashbacks – return a portion of the stakes used in gameplay, especially losses.
  • Free spins – give players several chances to spin slot reels, and each round has a predetermined value. The freebies can be for one or several pokies.
  • Free chips – allow players to play several free rounds in table games like blackjack, craps, and roulette.

Avoid Slot Games

Pokies may be the most popular of all casino games, but they do not offer the best chance of collecting payouts.

Slots leave little wiggle room to influence the odds of winnings. In table games, different bet options are provided that explore other winning and payout odds.

In blackjack, for instance, punters can play a hand one of several ways, which influences the final result.

Roulette also offers a range of inside and outside bets that provide different payout and winning odds. Also, a strategy can be applied to improve the chances of collecting payouts. This makes such table games suitable alternatives to slots.

Choose Low House Edge And High RTP Games

Casino games usually have payout metrics that give theoretical projections about the game’s payouts.

In table games, this indicator is in the form of the house edge, which states how much advantage the casino has over gamblers—the smaller the percentage, the better the winning chances.

Single Deck Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three-Card Poker have the lowest house edge of 1.5%. European Roulette carries a 2.5% house edge while Caribbean Stud Poker has 5%.

If you insist on playing slot machines, use the RTP rate as a deciding factor. This percentage indicates the theoretical returns after playing for a long time. Suitable online slots have an RTP rate of 95% or higher.

Budget Your Bets

Most casino games have fast-paced gameplay that could result in spending too much if you are not attentive.

Even when placing stakes as low as ten pennies, these small amounts add up in the long run to significant numbers.

Before launching gameplay, have a set amount you are willing to spend, and it should not exceed what you can lose comfortably.

When placing stakes, ensure you use amounts that spread out the balance but also take advantage of high payout values.

Once this amount depletes, walk away from gambling and avoid chasing your losses. This practice may not be making you any extra money, but it prevents you from losing more than you should.

Join A Loyalty Club

Many online casinos reward regular clients using loyalty rewards. The higher up a player is in the loyalty club, the better the bonuses they receive.

VIP members often have personal managers, faster cash transactions, more significant game collections, and even holidays.

Progressing through the club is usually done using a points system that awards one point for a specific spent amount. The points can also be exchanged for actual cash once they reach a set limit.

Play For Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are responsible for the biggest winners in online casinos. These pooled prizes grow continuously by collecting portions of bets placed.

The pots then reset to their seed value once the reward is won. Mega Moolah currently holds the jackpot record with more than 17.87 million euros awarded to a lucky winner in Betway Casino.

Numerous other slot games offer payouts in the millions, which are not only proof of winnings, but also how life-changing they can be. Ensure you place the minimum stake required to participate in such big wins.

Play When Sober

Being under the influence while playing is an almost guaranteed way of making poor playing decisions. If you are looking to win money, you want to be alert enough to keep track of any playing strategy being applied.


It’s possible to win real money when playing in online casinos, but avoid believing any stereotypes about gambling connected with controlling the outcome. Enjoy the experience and make use of the cash-grabbing chances that you receive!