ViewSonic XG240R Gaming Monitor Review

ViewSonic XG240R Gaming Monitor Review

Published on July 10th, 2020

ViewSonic is a company offering a budget performance hardware to the people seeking a “bang for the buck” solution. With a price tag of $273, the ViewSonic XG240R is a great example of one such monitor.

It’s a 24-inch full HD (1920×1080), 144hz monitor, which offers something for every gamer out there without breaking a bank.

It includes features like RGB lighting on the back panel and supports AMD’s FreeSync Technology. It is an impressive piece for its price for sure.

Judging Monitor By Its Cover

Straight off the bat, it’s noticeable that the build quality of this monitor isn’t the best in the industry.

The ViewSonic XG240R monitor is made of plastic design with thick bezels wrapping around the corners of the monitor.

However, this is not to say that it looks bad. Weirdly enough with the RGB and matte black design the monitor has a distinct visual side to it, although not as flashy as a “true gaming rig” would require.

With a weight of 14 pounds, the monitor is quite sturdy. We were unable to notice any bending when we applied pressure on its sides. On top of this, the monitor is ergonomically well made, which means that it can fully rotate 90 degrees to its side.

The monitor is VESA certified, which means that the column is easy to set up and fixed with only one screw.

The ViewSonic XG240R can tilt forward around 5 and back 20 degrees as well as swivel to the left and right up to 45 degrees each respectively. The height can also be adjusted up to 120mm, which is a very decent amount.

Once the ViewSonic XG240R is turned on immediately the user notices 2 huge arrowhead RGBs on the back.

It is important to note that the monitor does not come with its own software to regulate the lights therefore the user will need to download third-party tools to take control of the peripherals.

The monitor comes with modern ports like 2 HDMIs, a Display Port, 2 USB-A 3.0 ports, and a USB-B 3.0 port.

In comparison to other similar budget monitors like ASUS V245H, the two USB ports for peripherals are quite a nice addition. All of the ports are facing downwards.

Unfortunately, there is no way to manage the cables, therefore once it’s sitting on the desk the cables will be just all over the place.


Monitor controls are extremely important for gaming setups. With the ViewSonic XG240R, the controls are quite simple.

There are no fancy joysticks anywhere, just 6 buttons set up to do the job, which is not a game-changer by far. Where the lack of attention comes in is the actual software.

Everything is hidden behind menus, which makes navigating through all of the settings a bit of a chore. Pressing on any of the five buttons brings up the menu.

There we have a refresh rate, input, and the status of FreeSync and Elite RGB. Changing anything else like brightness, contrast, and etc. are hidden behind menus.


The “Too long didn’t read” version would be simple. The monitor provides nice and accurate colors but has a very limited viewing angle.

The response time is 1ms and the 144Hz refresh rate does its job. With Battlefield V it was very easily noticed that the colors were rich and distinct from each other.

Extra details were also noticed when paying attention to silver and black colors. The ViewSonic XG240R has 22-level black stabilization, which provides better visibility by making dark scenes a bit brighter.

Sadly, tilting the monitor to its sides gives a very noticeable glare effect. This is largely due to the ViewSonic’s use of a TN panel, which offers very high response times, high contrast ratio, however bad viewing angles. Usually, more expensive monitors use IPS panels, which provide a better viewing angle.

Additionally, as already mentioned above the ViewSonic XG240R supports AMD FreeSync technology for lag-free gaming.

The feature worked quite well on our AMD powered laptop. It is also worth noting that the monitor didn’t give us an eye strain after long periods of working.

This article is written while working with ViewSonic XG240R and the black on white text never gave us any headaches.

Static images also seem very well balanced. People who like any other type of game except for AAA ones like Casino games for example will notice the sharp and rich colors to be very soothing to their vision during long periods of playtime.

More importantly, the visual quality of the product is becoming more and more prevalent for the online casino industry. According to Spinia an innovative gambling platform, for the players involved in playing these games the beautiful spinning animations and flashy green colors will be extremely enjoyable to watch as the specter of the monitor is quite nice with a good range of saturated beautiful colors.


ViewSonic XG240R is a great monitor for the price point at which it is presented at. The overall build quality is satisfactory and not wonky showing that ViewSonic did a good job assembling this piece of hardware.

The RGB gives it a bit of a price point edge as the cheaper monitors like $190 Asus VG245H provides similar 1080p resolution however is capped at 75 Hz and other alternative Asus VG278Q is priced a bit higher at $300 and provides very same 144Hz refresh rate, however, without RGB.

Overall, if one does not wish to spend more than $300 for a monitor, a three-year warranty of ViewSonic with the addition to a good bang-for-the-buck performance ViewSonic XG240R is a good option to opt-in for.