How AI Is Changing The iGaming Industry

AI Is Changing The iGaming Industry

Published on December 10th, 2020

Artificial intelligence is no longer a new thing for people. If you are someone who is at least trying to be in the loop in the world of technology, you would know that the world of tech is crazy for AI in the past several decades.

It’s in almost every industry you can see now–mobile devices, entertainment, robotics, research, even in the field of transportation.

Aside from all of these industries, AI has also changed how people play casino games, particularly in online casino gaming. However, how real is AI in casino gaming, and how big of a change did it bring to the table? Here is what you need to know.

Is AI In Gambling Real?

While we see the “AI” branding on a lot of things–from software to hardware–many argue that what we have right now is not artificial intelligence. Not yet. Or at least, not yet in the sense that it can be said to be really “intelligent.”

After all, the real concept of an AI is a computer program, hardware, or a combination of both, that can learn new codes and commands on its own without the need for external input, such as programming by human programmers.

Arguably, some experts in the industry believe that what we have now is more of just automation rather than AI.

On the other hand, there had been several instances wherein AI was made to fight against a real human in some games and ended up beating the human.

One such example was in 2016, when Google’s AlphaGo, part of their DeepMind AI project, was able to beat master Go player Lee Se Dol for 3-0 in a best of five games of Go, a board game that originated in China.

One major factor that was attributed was the fact that AlphaGo, as a machine, did not experience any form of mental exhaustion while Se Dol did.

Another example of AI in the world of gaming, this time specifically in gambling, was the computer named Libratus, which was able to beat four of the world’s top poker players in a 20-day tournament.

For anyone who knows poker, this might come as a shock or with some disbelief as poker had long been thought to be a game that has a huge factor in the human thought process involved in it.

But aside from beating top players on various games, what are the many ways that AI has changed the world of online gambling? Here are some of them.

Better Cheat Proofing

Catch A Cheater

If AI can learn the rules of a game, can it be sued to prevent cheating, too? Certainly. In some cases, AI is used to monitor any suspicious activities on a game software that goes against the programmed mechanics and rules.

On the other hand, this capability can also be used for cyberattackers in their attempt to beat the system.

Improved Customer Service

One of the things that cou8ld make or break an online casino app or site is the quality of customer service that it has. When something goes wrong, customers expect help as fast as possible and a solution to the problem.

Having AI-controlled customer support works both easy, as the casino owners would save in the cost of customer service employees, while customers would be sure that support is available for them 24/7.

Fight Against Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a problem not only to the players themselves but also for the casino owners as people who fall into it tend to paint a bad picture of the industry as a whale to the general public.

AI can help by determining the risk of someone who may be falling into addiction habits or may have fallen into it already.