What Role Does AI Play In Sports Betting?


Published on October 23rd, 2020

The relationship between artificial intelligence and sports has become inseparable in the era of social media. In this article, we will take a closer look at what role A.I plays in sports and in turn how that affects sports betting.

Artificial Intelligence Has Changed The Fan Experience

At the rate that technology has developed in the last two decades, the average person probably doesn’t think about how artificial intelligence affects their relationship with sports. So many different levels of the sporting experience have been improved by A.I in ways that are difficult to measure.

The people that run our favorite sporting leagues and franchises have been using analytics for quite some time to understand past results in the hopes of improving future performances.

The most famous example of this would be MoneyBall, the famous book turned movie about the 2002 Oakland Athletics. To think that was almost 20 years ago is actually incredible considering how far technology has come.

Even though the Athletics had far less data to go by due to limitations in technology at the time, they were still able to use data in a way that would be a precursor for what artificial intelligence would be able to do for sports franchises.

How Artificial Intelligence Has Affected Sports Betting

A.I has made sports betting a lot more inclusive because of the improvements that book makers have been able to make according to the new data available to them.

One example of how sports betting has been affected by artificial intelligence is player props and how artificial intelligence, machine learning are helping in predicting the patterns in a sport, but for it to work in needs information and videos put through the algorithm to see the patterns and make a reliable prediction.

Player props allow you to be on individual performances within a team game. If you’re wondering how A.I has made that possible just think about the amount of information we have about individual player performance.

Pick any sport and you can find information about how they perform with detail that simply wouldn’t be possible without A.I. Due to that access to information, bookmakers are able to offer bets on individual performances that seem very realistic to bettors.

If bookmakers offered a prop like “Will player X make at least Y amount of shots in a game before the internet era for example, unless you were a die hard sports fan that watched most games and checked box scores religiously, you’d have no idea if that prop makes sense or not.

Nowadays, you can simply go online to one of the hundreds of sports websites that track player stats, allow you to bet and just see for yourself if the prop being offered is in line with the player in question’s historical performances. It’s such a simple yet powerful example of how sports betting has benefited from A.I.

Examples Of A.I In Sports That Help BookMakers

On top of all of the data A.I provides sportsbooks that they can use to provide more odds, there are also ways that it helps the bettors as well. One great example of this is live betting at a site like Bet365 for example.

First of all, a.I plays a key part in live betting simply because a live bet requires oddsmakers to provide customers with the most up to date line possible. If the score provided by the sportsbook in question isn’t accurate, then making a live bet wouldn’t be possible.

Considering the amount of sources, we have today to be able to track the accuracy of the odds being offered on a live bet, sportsbooks have no choice but to have a live ticker on their site with an up to the second score.

Sites like Bet365 take it one step further and allow their customers to actually watch a game that they’ve made a live bet on right there on their website.

As one of the biggest names in the online sportsbook industry, Bet365 is able to provide this type of service which we have to assume will become more common as that type of technology becomes more easily accessible.