The Past, Present & Future Of Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Games

Published on May 17th, 2021

Online casinos have grown in both popularity and technology over the last couple of decades. There were two main ways of playing games: using computer-generated graphics to create the interactive gaming board or playing live dealer games.

It is said that live dealer games bring the casino experience into your front room and have indeed proven to be incredibly popular. Casinos are working on improving the experience all the time, so just what is the attraction for live dealer games?

Live Dealer Games

If you play a live dealer game instead of seeing a computer-generated graphic of the game board, you will actually be added to a live stream in a studio mocked up to look like a casino.

They feature professional croupiers who will guide you through the game in precisely the same way as they do at land-based venues. So you get all the glitz and glamour without leaving your sofa.

The studios high tech, have multiple camera angles, professional lighting and the best quality microphones to ensure players get the best experience. Some casinos have more than one game taking place in the background, so it really does feel like you’re sat at the table in Las Vegas.

What’s more, players are able to interact with the staff in just the same way as they would do if they were actually in the same room.

This can be done using either video chat, text or voice again, depending on the casino and the platform they offer. So it can be a much more friendly experience for players who miss the social interaction.

It is also entirely live, so it doesn’t use the same random number generators. Instead, it just relies on the spin of the roulette wheel or the dealing of the cards, depending on what you’re playing.

The History

Casinos have had their online presence since about 1994; however, this was quite a slow uptake, and it was about a decade before live dealer games were to be introduced and become mainstream.

Poker was one of the first games to be played in this manner, and it was tested in 1988, but due to lack of broadband stability, it really didn’t take off and was shelved until about 2006. By this point, homes were commonly using broadband rather than dial-up, and this changed the landscape giving live dealer games a much better shot.

Microgaming, one of the biggest software houses for casino development, launched their services with baccarat and then added it. Evolution Gaming, another big player in the casino software market, joined the ranks and live dealer games were fully established.

It has gone from strength to strength and employs dealers who are trained to behave as if they were in one of the world’s leading establishments giving customers a brilliant experience.


Online gambling is a multi billion-pound industry, and Evolution games acquired another massive software house, NetEnt, in December 2020, which added even more weight to its ability to produce some of the best live games in the world.

They are now the most popular and prevalent in online casinos, with every casino house looking to purchase technology from one of the best software houses in the market.

What Does the Future Hold?

It is always difficult to predict what the future holds for any technology because things are changing rapidly. However, the introduction of 5G is a relatively simple one to look at; this will offer more stable live dealer gaming when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi or Internet connexion.

Some people who have 4G will struggle to get life dealer games or, worse, access them but then find they lag.

There is also likely to be a lot of development with ensuring that live dealer games can run on mobile devices as again the higher percentage of players prefer to use mobile devices to PCs when accessing the casinos.

We could also reasonably accurately predict that there will be better interaction between the players and the dealers as well as other players in the room at the same time.

It is possible that players will be able to create private rooms so a group of friends can play, and text style interactions can be done away with to embrace video technology more fully.

Finally, virtual reality is also rapidly moving forward and could help with an experience that makes the player feel much more like they are in the room. At the moment, virtual reality does require a headset which is extra hardware for players to own and not everyone can do so, but this may yet change in the future.

One thing that is certain is the industry will grow as it is so popular, and players are demanding more and more all the time.