Take Huge Bongs Rips With These Tips And Tricks


September 18th, 2020   |   Updated on September 24th, 2020

Bongs are some of the most popular smoking devices. With better opportunities for smoke filtration, bongs provide recreational smokers with the perfect chance to enjoy smoother hits.

And while smoking a bong is fairly simple, there are important steps you can take to get the most out of your smoking experience. Keep reading to discover more about bongs and how to use them effectively.

Take Deep Breaths

When smoking a bong, it’s always advisable to practice deep breathing. Before picking up your piece, be sure to take slow, deep breaths. Exercising your diaphragm will help in opening your lungs and boosting your breathing capacity.
Taking longer and deeper breaths will help you take a larger hit once you start smoking your bong.

It’s also important to note that drinking alcohol decreases one’s breathing capacity. So, if you want to take large hits, avoid drinking.

Crush The Herbs

Of course, it’s possible to grind dry herbs with scissors, but having a grinder can be extremely beneficial. As opposed to larger pieces, finely ground herbs usually burn evenly and slowly. So, if you’re planning to smoke your bong publicly, consider utilizing finely ground herbs.

This will allows you to easily share your piece. And that’s exactly what you want, right? If you want absolute and enjoyment, then it’s time you consider grinding those dry herbs.

Choose The Right Bowl Size

The size of the bowl also matters. If you want to take larger hits, then consider utilizing a small bowl. But if you intend to take smaller hits, you’ll definitely want to consider using a bigger bowl.

Don’t underestimate the power of the bowl. Choosing the wrong size can actually turn out to be a costly decision. So, take your time to evaluate your needs and pick what’s appropriate for you.

Exhale Correctly

Your work doesn’t end at inhaling the smoke from your bong. You also need to pay close attention to how you exhale the smoke. Coughing typically results from residual smoke that isn’t properly exhaled.

Instead of doing this all at once, it’s better to exhale half of the smoke and then take a short breath before you can exhale the rest. After exhaling, consider taking a few slow deep breaths. Doing this will go a long way in re-introducing clean air into your lungs. You can then restore your mouth’s moisture content by drinking some water.

Take Mint Or Gum

When smoking a perc bong, the smoke can sometimes cause your mouth and throat to become dry. Keeping a mint will keep your mouth moisturized by triggering you to salivate. And this might help prevent some degree of coughing. Nonetheless, if you choose to take this approach, make sure that you refrain from chocking.


Mastering the art of smoking bongs can be rewarding. Aside from easing the sensation of smoking, this technique will also help you conserve your herb. So, whether you’re a new or a seasoned smoker, adding a bong to your smoking arsenal will definitely pay off in the long run. Click over to Smoke Cartel for a memorable smoking experience.