The Ongoing Battle Between PC And Console Gaming

PC And Console Gaming

May 24th, 2021   |   Updated on December 21st, 2021

Video games are big business. It is estimated that nearly nine million UK households have a console, while the industry as a whole generated revenue of over $150 billion dollars worldwide in 2020.

Things are only set to get bigger and better from here as well. Ownership of all manner of consoles is skyrocketing and consumers now have more choice than ever in the field.

One of the biggest decisions that gamers of all experience levels have to make is whether to opt for a console or enter the PC gaming world. The battle between these two mediums have been raging for many years and shows no signs of letting up in 2021.

If you are wondering which option is right for you, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of strong opinion pieces backing either camp. Luckily, we have compiled all the major advantages and disadvantages of each into one easily digestible article. Let’s get going!

PC Gaming Advantages


Straight off the bat one of the principal advantages that PC gaming has over consoles is how much customization is available for players.

When purchasing your first PC, you can either select a pre-built machine or have a retailer construct one from scratch. This gives you the opportunity to choose whatever graphics card, processor and memory you want, depending on your needs and budget.

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After buying a gaming PC you always have the option of upgrading its specs when you have the money to do so. By doing this you can help to keep up with the latest innovations and ensure that none of your games ever run slowly.

Cheaper Games

As a general rule, PC games always tend to be cheaper at launch than their console equivalents. Whether you download them from Steam, or purchase a physical copy you should not expect to shell out more than $40 for even the most hyped PC titles.

PC Gaming Disadvantages

High Start Up Cost

Even if you opt for the most basic of gaming PCs, it will still set you back well over $500 if you are buying new. Of course, you could always opt for a refurbished device, although by doing this you are sacrificing longevity.

Games Have Little Resale Value

PC games are easy to ‘clone’, meaning that once you have broken the seal they will not retain much resale value. If you are looking to play a wide spectrum of games before trading them in, you may be better off opting for a console as the pre-owned market is much more lucrative.

Extras Can Be Costly

A gaming PC typically will not come with many essential extras, such as controllers, speakers and headsets. In this way there can be many prohibitive extra costs involved in this medium.

Console Gaming Advantages

Shallow Learning Curve

Getting started with a console really could not be easier. In most cases all you need to do is plug it into your TV and you will be ready to go. All that is required to keep things running smoothly is a series of automatic updates. This is a world away from PC gaming which requires far more care and attention.

Cheaper Start-Up Cost

There is no two ways about it – consoles are the better option for those on a prohibitive budget. Particularly if you buy pre-owned, you can get going for a snip compared to what it would take to buy a gaming PC.

Exclusive Game Titles

A growing factor in many people’s support of console gaming is exclusive gaming titles. In recent times, the only way to play blockbuster releases Halo 5: Guardians, The Last of Us Part II and Super Mario Odyssey was to own the console they were released on.

Local Multiplayer

Local multiplayer is pretty much impossible for PC gamers. On the console it could not be easier. Simply plug in an extra controller and you are ready to go. This makes things perfect for families and friends looking to play together.

Console Gaming Disadvantages

Upgrading is Hard

Upgrading anything other than the memory and driver on most consoles is not possible. This can be frustrating, particularly towards the end of a generation’s cycle as games slow down to a crawl and experience bugs.

Restrictive Multiplayer

In most cases you have to pay a subscription fee to play online multiplayer on consoles. While the pot is occasionally sweetened by free games and other rewards, this can still be frustrating.

So, what’s best?

Well, it all depends on what you are looking for really.

Do you mainly play games on your own, have a decent pot of money to invest in your hobby and want the option to upgrade? If so, PC is probably for you. Looking for a more casual, accessible experience you can enjoy with your family or friend? Consoles are the way forward.

Of course, you could always spring for both!