What Do Alberta’s Historical Gas And Energy Rates Tell You?

Alberta’s Historical

Published on October 15th, 2019

When you are looking for good gas and energy rates in Alberta, you need to understand how rates have changed over time. There are a few tips listed below that explain the history of natural gas and energy rates in the area, and you can use these tips to research good energy rates for your home or business. Plus, you will learn how energy is regulated in the province.

1. How Do You Learn About Historical Gas Rates?


Alberta’s historical gas rates show you a glimpse of how the energy market has fluctuated over time. You simply need to compare new rates to see if these rates are going up or down. You can see how much certain providers have raised their rates, and you may find that other providers are dropping their rates.

Deregulation in the province allowed for rates to steadily drop over time. If you are concerned about high prices, you can search a number of different companies that can provide you energy.

2. Why Was Energy So Expensive In The Past?

Energy was more expensive in the past because the industry was highly-regulated. You may be concerned that a certain company charges very high rates, but you need to check their current prices. These companies had to drop their prices to compete with new providers in the area, and you will see a number of different sales, deals, and specials that will help keep your rates low.

3. What Is On Your Energy Bill?

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There was a time when your energy bill was very simple. The energy company told you how much energy or gas you used, and they charged you a flat rate for your usage. In today’s market, your bill is a bit more complex.

Your current energy bill shows the energy charges for your account, the price you paid, and any discounts you may have been given. Your bill has a service charge that pays for all customer service and billing provided to you by the energy company, and you must pay a municipal charge that is unique to your location.

Because the energy market is deregulated, some companies will charge very little for their service fee. Other will charge a high service fee and low energy rates. You must balance the two because competition has driven prices down over time. Companies often get their money back through their service fee, but those service fees were not so expensive in the past.

4. What Is The Limit For Deregulated Energy?

When you use less than 250,000 kWh per year, you should stay with the providers that you have used in the past. You are not eligible for any further discounts, and you will not be considered a business customer. If you use more than 250,000 kW h per year, you may need to contact your energy supplier for assistance.

5. You Can Use Energy Service As A Financial Tool

Energy Service

Historically, energy prices are dropping because competition in the marketplace does not allow energy companies to charge too much. You can change your energy service every year if you find a better rate, you need to continue looking for companies that will provide you with gifts and incentives that make your energy service worth the money. If you have not be given any incentives, you should change to a company that offers something better.


The energy prices that you pay right now are likely lower than what they would have been before the market in Alberta was deregulated. You can get good prices if you use less than 250,00 kWh per year, and you can continually shop for better prices when your contract expires.