How To Get The Right Size When Buying Women’s Clothing Online


Published on April 2nd, 2020

When it comes to online shopping the most heard of concern relates to fitting and sizing.

In physical shopping there is an edge that you can try the clothing before finalizing your purchase but it is not possible in online shopping.

Here, you have to rely on the size table charts and sizing labels provided by the retailing websites. But to avail these charts requires that you should know your size accurately.

However, it is not only a case of measurements alone. It also involves body shape, difference found in the indexes of different brands and much more.

So, to avoid any inconvenience while shopping for womens clothes online regarding size you have to follow the following tips to shop confidently.

Know Your Correct Size

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As it has been mentioned above that the only source to verify the fitting or size of any online clothing product is the size guide that an online platform provides us.

They have given the size of products there, now you have to decide that which size suits you the most.

To decide which size is meant for you, you should know your size. This is the most instrumental and essential thing in this respect.

Here are some guidelines for you to have a correct size in cheap ladies clothes for the correct choice.

While measuring your size you have to focus on your bust, waist and hips. We will provide you directions to measure all the three parts one by one.

1. Bust Measurements

Experts suggest that for taking an accurate size of your bust always take it from under your armpits and role the tape around the fullest part of your chest.

In the whole process try to keep your arms in relax at sides. Moreover, it is suggested to avoid wearing padded bra while taking measurements.

2. Waist Measurement

For the measurement of waist, it is advised that you should measure around your waist, above the belly button but below the rib cage.

But to have it more accurately experts suggest that you should bend to a side to identify the crease of your waist.

Experts are of the view that the area with the crease is the thinnest part of your waist and it is the right place to have the measurement of your waist.

However, while measuring your size doesn’t let the tape snug into your skin and neither let it loose.

Some are of the view that you should place one or two fingers between the tape and your skin to leave a breathing room.

3. Hips Measurement

For taking the exact measurement of hips it is advised to stand with feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hips at rear.

Make sure that the tape should also go around the both sides of hipbone.

However, it is mostly recommended that you should consult an expert tailor for the purpose to have an accurate measurement as they know the art well.

Moreover, it is advised always keep updating your size index time to time as human body is an object to change in this respect.

Since, fashion industry is busy in producing new collection clothing at its best but a wrong size choice can deprive you from the opportunities that are being offered in fashion arena.

How to Tackle the Difference Found in Size Indexes of Different Brands

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It is often noticed that the size indexes provided by different online platforms are not always same.

The number 30 of two brands does not refer to same size. So, rule out this aspect of inconvenience you have to make a comparison among the indexes of different brand. Do note down the difference to utilize the size at best.

Identify Your Body Shape

Body shape also plays a vital role in selecting the right fit. It is not only a game of numbers alone.

Since, size of different parts varies in different shapes. A petite body does not hold the same combination of measurements at bust, waist and hips as an hourglass shape.

So, it means that the selection made on the basis of size alone ignoring your body shape wouldn’t work for you at all. A combination of size and shape is the ideal solution to the problem.

Some Final Words

To make a lot out of your shopping do follow the above-mentioned guidelines and rock your style.

Taking in considerations the stated tips also give attention to the return policy of the resource from where you are carrying your purchase.

Don’t let anyone play fool with you and ruin your hard earned money and enjoy womens new arrivals in every season.