Check Out Las Vegas’ Incredible New Casino Building

Las Vegas Strip

Published on July 27th, 2020

You could be forgiven for thinking that Las Vegas reached a saturation point years ago when it comes to casino premises.

It might not be the world’s biggest or busiest gambling destination anymore (that honor now belongs to Macau), but it’s still the first place most people think of when you talk about gambling.

For decades it’s been the home of high rollers, big stakes, even bigger dinner shows, and stories too wild to tell.

Now, for the first time in decades, a brand new casino is preparing to open its doors in the downtown area.

Based on its design and its strategy, it’s going to be a building quite unlike any of the others that have gone before it.

There are two reasons why it’s been so long since a casino was built from the ground up in downtown Vegas.

The first is that, as we already alluded to, Sin City is already full of casinos, and there are only so many visitors and gamblers to go round.

The second is that the internet has taken a bite out of casino takings during the past decade. People who used to fly to Vegas to gamble now sometimes prefer to stay at home and visit online slots websites.

They represent an incredible convenience to gamblers, with several hundred online slots available at the biggest and best websites.

There’s also the fact that you don’t have to dress up or pay an entrance fee to gain access to an online slots website. Any brand new casino needs to find a niche in order to attract visitors – and this one has.

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This brand new facility, which is scheduled to be open by the end of October 2020, will go by the name of the Circa Resort & Casino, and it’s a work of stunning architectural brilliance by Steelman Partners.

Seen from the outside, the whole building is shaped like a giant slots machine. The 35-story high curved tower reflects the sunlight with a chrome finish, and in its footprint (where the tray of a slots machine would be) is a series of swimming pools and dining facilities.

There’s more to the Circa Resort & Casino than just good looks, though. This is a strictly adults-only resort, with access limited to those over the age of 21 only.

You might expect that from any casino in the city, but this one has a few extra perks to justify the ‘adults only’ theme.

Based on the size and scale of the premises, it might be more accurate to refer to this colossal new creation as an adult playground as opposed to a casino.

It covers a staggering 1.25 million square feet and stands just under five hundred feet tall. By the time it’s finished, it will host the world’s largest sportsbook and will contain exactly seven hundred and seven rooms.

The number seven is often considered to be lucky by superstitious gamblers. The Circa has packed it into its design in as many places as possible.

According to Alice O’Keefe, the project’s Director of Architecture, the design’s concept is to bring vintage Vegas iconography inside a luxurious, high-tech gambling palace and celebrate the past, present, and future of Sin City at the same time.

The casino facilities start on the property’s eighth floor. Beneath them, a whole range of luxury accommodation and five-star facilities exist, including what’s been described as a ‘pool amphitheater’ where guests and visitors can enjoy a swim as they watch sports on an enormous screen.

Measuring 134 feet wide and 40 feet high, and boasting a 14 million pixel display, it’s said to be the biggest screen anywhere in Las Vegas.

All six of the pools facing the screen can be individually temperature controlled for group bookings, but if more privacy is desired, a private cabana can be reserved instead.

There are thirty such cabanas, accompanied by more than three hundred lounge chairs and a theoretical capacity of up to four thousand people if all the pools are full.

Las Vegas

If that gigantic screen isn’t enough for you, you’ll be able to head to the sportsbook, which stands three stories high.

In there, you’ll find an incredible 78 million pixel screen that’s so large that it can be seen from almost anywhere in the two-story casino.

Alternatively, you might prefer to ignore the luxuries and head straight for the casino games. You shouldn’t have any problem finding space.

Orders have been placed for a staggering 1300 slot machines, accompanied by fifty different gaming tables.

When you’re done there, you can retire to your room, which can be as basic as you like, or an in-room wet bar with bunk beds if you’re feeling more playful.

No casino built during the 21st century is complete without excellent dining facilities – and nor could one survive in Vegas without them – so Circa won’t be selling anybody short on that front.

Saginaw’s Delicatessen will serve anyone who’s just looking for a quick bite as they make their way around the tables, but there’s also Barry’s Downtown Prime available for anyone seeking steak, a highly regarded barbecue service brought in from South Carolina, and of course a huge burger and wings restaurant.

The hotel facilities within Circa won’t be open until December 2020, with its owners very much hoping to get things up and running in time for the Christmas rush.

For those who don’t want to stay overnight and just visit during the day, though, all of the casino facilities and amenities are on track to be available by the time of the Halloween opening date. By that point, we should have photographs of the finished interior and exterior.

The exterior’s looming tower has been clearly visible to anyone passing by the Fremont Street area of Vegas for several months, but the interior has been hidden save for some impressive-looking artist’s impressions that have been circulating on the internet in recent months.

An incredible design doesn’t always guarantee an incredible future, but it’s clear that a lot of time, effort, love, and inspiration has gone into designing and building the Circa resort & Casino. We hope those efforts are rewarded when opening day arrives.