The Competition Between Online Casino Software Providers

The Competition Between Online Casino Software Providers

March 3rd, 2020   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

When gambling online, there isn’t just a single factor that can be considered when choosing the best games to play. Even so, the online gaming software developer behind the titles is a priority in nearly all cases. These companies create the games that decorate the catalogues of casinos, which makes them the part of the backbone of the online gambling industry.

Each firm has a particular style of game development that sets it apart from the others. If a player is familiar with the work of Novomatic casino games developer, they can recognise Novomatic slots easily. Novomatic slot machines can easily be identified using the control panel.

Since the online gambling business blew up, hundreds of software companies have ventured into the niche to try and meet the demand that is always on the rise. With the highly profitable nature of the industry, it is aggressively competitive as each firm tries to grasp the attention of as many players as possible and maintain it for an extended period.

The companies can secure their positions at the top by adjusting to cut-throat conditions that are continually changing as the needs of players evolve. For instance, companies like NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming have managed to retain seats at the top dogs’ table due to their ability to adapt to the needs of new generations of gamblers.

To excel in the gaming niche, companies have to pay attention to a wide range of areas, even beyond the games they produce, to become an influential force in the business. Here is a look at the main competition fronts that make or break an online gaming software developer:

Game Collection

Online Casino Game Collection

Even though the selection of games produced by a software company is not the only thing that results in success in this vicious business, it is the main factor that players and casinos pay attention to.

  1. Quality: It is always a plus when a firm considers quality over quantity, which makes indulging in a game more about the experience and whether players will be reaching for it over and over again. For instance, the Mega Moolah slot machine by Microgaming is a traditional game by today’s standards, but the quality of its development earns it a place at the top of popularity lists. The game has so far granted some of the biggest winnings in online casino history, which makes it a legendary online game.

  2. Quantity: The quantity of games by a software developer is also not overlooked even though quality comes first. The software developers that are revered forces online have hundreds of games under their belt to ensure that they cater to as many needs as possible. NetEnt, which is considered the industry leader is slots’ production, boasts a collection of more than 850 titles that fall accommodate a range of themes, bet limits, payouts, and bonus features, which makes it popular with players of different walks.

Inventive Games


In as much as there are thousands of games to choose from online, punters are always anticipating a new shiny invention to get their excitement going. Therefore, software providers are continually looking to challenge the limits that are already in place. Some of the innovations that have gotten players buzzing are simple alterations to the usual presentation of games while others blow the industry’s mind away.

Evolution Gaming is an excellent example, having established itself as an aggressive competitor in the business with an invention so unique that it can best be compared to catching lightning in a bottle. The software firm is behind the entry of live gambling, which acts as a bridge between online and land-based casinos.

Previously, web gambling offered the convenience of having casinos come to players, but they lacked the authenticity of real-life games. With live gaming, gamblers can now enjoy live streams of casinos sessions from studios where gameplay is conducted by human dealers and on actual tables.

RTP And Volatility

Best Online Slot Games

All casino games are developed with an RTP rate and variance. The RTP percentages are used for hypothetical projections of how much can be expected as payouts in the long run.

When a game has a high Return to Player rate, chances for bigger payouts are higher than those of low RTP games.

However, these percentages cannot be used to tell the definite wins of a title and can swing in either direction.

Since most players lean towards games that give them the highest chance of winning, software companies are always competing to provide ideal RTP rates while remaining within reasonable limits.

The most successful firms hardly drop below RTP averages of about 95%. Game volatility, on the other hand, is used to determine the intensity with which winnings are provided. Games with high volatility rarely land payouts, but when they do, they are of sizeable amounts.

Low volatility titles, however, provide regular wins but in small quantities. Medium variance games can swing in either direction. Competitive firms include both low and high variance games to cater to both small and big spenders.

Partnered Casinos

online casino games

Software developers create games, but players cannot explore them unless they are displayed in an online casino. In a bid to reach many players, these companies partner with as many gambling platforms as possible.

The reputation of the gaming clubs is considered as well since a stain on the casino’s rapport could reflect on that of the game developer and knock its name down on the competition bar.

Some providers go as far as to establish their own casinos that are powered entirely by their software. Playtech and Microgaming are some of the prominent names that engage in this practice.

Affiliate Websites

Affiliate sites play a crucial role in the online gambling industry since they are used to get the word out about products that gamblers should try out.

Forging partnerships with them allows software companies to pave their way into players’ good books by receiving excellent reviews and directing them to gambling clubs that offer their services.

The better the depiction of a company on the websites, the higher the chances of a firm remaining afloat.

Proper Licensing


An impressive game collection, a long list of partnered casinos, and adequate promotion through affiliate websites mean nothing if players cannot trust a software provider’s products.

Since there’s no way to confirm the legitimacy of the services a company offers physically, players depend on the permits a firm operates with. Therefore, having proper seals of approval in the pocket goes a long way in staying in business.

The best-doing companies in the industry hold permits from responsible licensing bodies such as:

Bonuses And Promotions

Responsible Business Summit

The provision of incentives can be made by software providers and not only the casinos themselves. Companies like Play’n Go and NetEnt have managed to maintain their titles as top options for players by investing heavily in this practice and remain ahead of others.

For instance, most players are familiar with the slot machine Starburst by NetEnt for being a popular target for free spin bonuses in no deposit and deposit packages.

Final Comments

The competitive fronts in the online gaming software developing niche of the gambling industry go far beyond what is seen on the surface. Every year, new companies join in the fun while others shut down, and the cycle continues as the industry continues to evolve.