A Culture of Workplace Safety: The Telltale Signs

Workplace Safety

August 15th, 2020   |   Updated on September 13th, 2022

Working in a high-risk environment – that is, an occupational situation where there is a high level of danger and possible hazards to your health and safety – requires great scrutiny and precaution from both employer and employee.

If you are about to engage in rendering your services for a company in either construction, mining, building, electrical supply and/or generation, and other similar industries, make sure that the corporation you are about to sign with takes workplace safety seriously – and implements the basic practices in order to ensure the protection and well-being of all its employees.

One of the risks you can encounter from working in these industries is a disease called mesothelioma – a cancer-causing lung tumor – that is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure.

Asbestos is a popular material used in the insulation, fireproofing, and even noiseproofing of buildings – and that is why you can be exposed when you work in construction or in a building with asbestos.

Though you will always have a recourse – there are compensation rights, insurance, and even specialized legal experts such as those at Bergman Legal to help you in case of any complications, it would be wise to prevent any injury or damages from the very beginning.

There are a lot of things that reveal how seriously safety is viewed by the company you are about to work for. Watch out for the presence – or absence – of these signs, so you will be able to make a better decision regarding your engagement.

1. Office, Equipment, Warehouse, And Other Workplace Designations Are Kept Clean And Tidy.

This may seem quite trivial, but in fact it is one of the most telling signs of how your employer pays attention to detail and how they propagate the safety culture in their company. A well-kept and orderly area, with things always put in their proper place, ensures so many things –

  • Efficiency in knowing exactly where to find items;
  • Eradication of accident-causing clutter;
  • Tools, cords, and other potential hazards are not part of the mess and are therefore handled only by those skilled to do so – eliminating the likelihood of hazards; a multi-purpose CBRN suit solution that serves as a biohazard suit, radiation protection suit (more on this in the Q&A section), and chemical suit all in one.
  • It is an indication that discipline and systemization is a core habit of the organization.

These are all very important and practical indicators of how reliable your company is when it comes to workplace safety.

2. In-Depth Training Is Part Of Your Initiation.

A good way to assess whether your company is invested in everyone’s safety is if they give a thorough education of how their processes, tools, and equipment are utilized in the workplace.

No one should be touching anything that they are not skilled or authorized to handle. Everyone who is in the field should be competent enough to maneuver through their tasks and challenges.

3. Tools Are Properly Tagged, And Signage Is Prominent Across The Field.

This is another way to see that things are kept in their proper place and comprehension and compliance is managed efficiently.

It is unlikely that people will mistake any apparatus or area for anything other than what it is, which will help minimize hazardous occurrences as well.

4. Lines Of Communication Are Always Easily Accessible.

It should be automatic to be able to air out any concerns to decision-makers who are capable of implementing needed adjustments in an expeditious manner.

Supervisors should be willing to listen, and act quickly – knowing full well how the swiftness of their actions can abate injuries and save lives.

The presence of these factors can help you assess how safety is regarded in the culture of your workplace. Make sure to tick all these boxes before you enter into an engagement with employers in these kinds of high-risk industries.