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What Should Be Printed On Custom Bags?

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September 28th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Whether you’re a small business or you’re running a big organization, marketing is very critical. However, there are numerous ways that you can market your brand, sell your products, and keep your employees and associates happy.

One of these ways is through customizing your packaging bags, whether tote, plastic, or backpack bags.

However, not everything should go on a custom print bag. Therefore, you have to sort things out to find the most essential information to display on the bag.

1. Display Company Logo

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Custom totes should not serve as a replacement for your salespeople. Having so many details to display but with limited space, the most essential thing is to show your company logo.

Company logo is what defines you and associates you with what you do. When you display the logo, it makes it easy for potential customers to know more about you.

Also, with a logo on the tote bags, it will be easy to communicate even to those who have zero ideas of your brand existence. Therefore, it will accelerate your marketing strategy and efforts for better results.

Since the bag will also reach a broader market, it will give an impression of what people should expect by transacting deals with your organization.

2. Remember Important Dates

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For instance, if you’re printing bags that will advertise a forthcoming event, having the dates can be profitable. Instead of printing bags to pass information about the event, then printing flyers to communicate the dates, go for one unit.

When you give away tote bags with specific details about the local event, including dates, will make it easy for your target market to remember.

Remember, this bag will not only be used for carrying your products. Therefore, every time your customer goes for shopping or the grocery store with the bag, it will remind them and others around about the event.

It’s a one-time advertisement technique that will save you a substantial amount.

Additionally, as important as the dates are, also remember to include the venue and specific time. This will not only show that you are organized but will also help your customers organize their schedule.

3. Include Specific Details

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If you have new products, this might be a good platform to introduce them to the market. Since you cannot have everything on that small space, you can use it to market what is new to the market.

With this space, you can also communicate specific discounts and giveaways that you have. In case there is an upgrade in a particular product and customers are yet to know, this detail can be displayed here.

Other specific details that can make the tote bag effective in marketing is speaking of your brand’s importance. This will give customers reasons to buy from you as well as encourage them to use your products.

In return, this will help you monitor your business progress and growth. Therefore, you will not have to keep organizing for campaigns to see customer response on various products.

4. Printing Quality

Printing Quality

Customizing your bags is a good marketing strategy. However, not all qualities of printing will communicate the right information. Depending on the content you want to be included in the tote bag, your choice of print quality should be precise.

For instance, embroidery print might be a good style for logos and other general information but might not be good for images. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate your printing quality based on the information you want to display.

Additionally, another essential information to consider when customizing your bag brand is the printing company.

When you engage professionals, you will be satisfied with the results you get, and it might also be an opportunity to transact other potential deals in the future. Another fact to consider is pricing.

Price often range on the number of bags to customize and quality. For better deals, it is often essential to print in bulk orders.


Whatever marketing strategy you find appropriate for your business should eventually guarantee exceptional results. However, you should take your time and evaluate your options keenly. The last thing you would want is to spend a lot of money on a campaign strategy and miss on getting results.