How To Determine Your Watch Size

Watch Size

Published on March 26th, 2021

If you are a person who loves wearing luxurious clothes, then you must be into watches too. So getting the right watch is simple – you just choose the model you want, buy it, and strap it on, right? Not so fast, you first have to determine your watch size!

If you get a watch that is too large or, conversely, too small, then your styling will be slightly off. There are a few watch sizes to choose from, so don’t worry. Let’s first take a look at what watch sizes exist before we move on to measurements.

Watch Case Diameters

The by far most important measurement when it comes to watch sizes is the watch case diameter. You want to get a watch that is proportional to your wrist. A large watch on a slender wrist just does not look right, but a tiny watch on a huge wrist is even worse.

Thankfully, watch sizes are generally pretty standard. And the strap sizes are proportional to the watch case size as well. So, without any further ado, here are the more-or-less standard watch sizes:

  • Small (34 mm); Strap size: 18 mm
  • Mid (34 mm – 38 mm); Strap size: 18 mm
  • Standard (39 mm – 42 mm); Strap size: 20 mm
  • Oversized (43 mm – 46 mm); Strap size: 22 mm
  • XXL Size (47 mm); Strap size: 26 mm

Now that you know what case diameters are out there, let’s see take a closer look at your wrist.

Wrist Size

You pretty much have to measure your wrist if you want to know your watch size. You will need soft measuring tape so that you can wrap the tape around your wrist.

Here are some rough estimates on what case diameter you should get based on your wrist size:

  • 6-inch wrist – Small wrist, so small and medium diameter cases will fit best (34 mm – 38 mm)
  • 7-inch to 7.5-inch wrist – Average wrist size, the 39 mm – 42 mm range works best here
  • 8-inch+ wrist – Large, you want to get a 44 – 47 mm diameter case

Watch Size Thickness

In addition to the diameter, the watch case thickness plays a very important role. For example, a watch that is 42 mm in diameter could look very chunky or completely normal on a 7.5-inch wrist, depending on the thickness.

You can get away with a slightly larger watch for your wrist if the watch is very thin. Likewise, thick, chunky watches tend to look much larger than they actually are.

These are the measurements that you can expect to see in the watch industry:

  • Thin (6 mm – 8 mm)
  • Average (8 mm – 12 mm)
  • Thick (12 mm – 18 mm)

And if you have a watch that is a bit disproportionate to your wrist, then there is one more thing that you can play with, which is the watchband.

Watchband Style

You won’t believe it at first, but the materials and style of your watchband can play a huge role in the fit of your watch.

A wider watchband can make a small watch face look even smaller and a thin watchband will make a large watch face look enormous. So, make sure that you strike the perfect balance between watchband style and size and watch case diameter.


Determining your watch size is very important, especially if you plan to order a watch online. Thankfully, you can follow this guide to find the perfect fit that will go well with your style and that won’t make your watch look awkward or out of place.

Make sure that you pay close attention to the thickness and case diameter when choosing your next watch.