This Infographic Will Reveal Much About Your Favourite Rappers!


Published on September 11th, 2019

We all know there is a lot of money in rap. Unfortunately how much is a lot is what many of us do not know. We see hiphop stars display their wealth and live expensive lifestyle that many of us can only dream of.

That gives us an idea that these stars make a lot of money in their chosen careers. Some people do not care to know how much the rappers make but there are some of us who would like to know.

Thanks to Betway’s BlingDex, those of us who will like to have an idea of what our favourite rapper makes can now find out some details. The infographic which betway has named BlingDex will reveal what your favourite rappers cash out, where that your favourite music video was recorded, how much was spent recording it.

Have you had to the Migos’ £1,425,000 chains? and want to know more about it? The infographic tells it all. Through this infographic you will also get to know about 50 Cent’s £7,000,000+ music video.

You will not only get to know this but as well as other details such as how much was spent on football – the perfect £10,000 worth of food, during the recording spent by a particular rapper will be revealed to you.

In an industry in which it is near impossible to guess the numbers behind each production, having an infographic such as the betway BlingDex handy.

The BlingDex infographic reveals all the figures and the numbers that makes you appreciate those record-breaking videos even more, it makes you appreciate the effort your favourite producers put in their productions even more.

With the aim of the information from the Blingdex, you will be able to discover which of the rappers commit more in order to make their productions more groundbreaking. Pictures don’t lie you know?

Your Favourite Rappers