The Top Game Types That Software Providers Make

Game Types That Software Providers Make

July 9th, 2019   |   Updated on August 6th, 2019

Before the internet, you can only gamble in your local pub, in the woods with your friends, or a real casino like the ones in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

But in 1994, game developers, like the ones in this list, changed all these. Today, you can play any kind of game that you want online, and expect a myriad of variations, bet limits, and more. You can even play against other real people online in poker clubs and casinos.

All these are made possible by game developers. But what kind of games do they make? Here, we will explore the main categories of gambling modules that you can find in online casinos, all designed and published by game developers.

1. Slot Machines

Slot Machines

At any given online casino, you will probably find no less than 100 slot machines. These machines are aggregated. What this means is that software companies make and operate them, and online casinos allow you to access the games. The gambling operator and the software company split the profits and losses.

There are many kinds of slots. There are 2D slots, classic ones, 3D, and they also come in a various number of reels and pay lines. Some have three reels, some two, and some with double or colossal reels. The payouts also vary, and some companies have a partnership with movie producers and make slot machines out of the movie characters, including superheroes.

2. Sports Betting

One of the all-time favorites of gamblers, sports betting have come a long way thanks to the software companies who made them. Today, you can bet at practically any sport. Be it tennis, basketball, cricket, F1, or horse racing, you will find these in many online casinos, especially those that specialize in sports betting

One advancement that game devs brought to the table is the possibility to wager mid-game. There are many in-game options for you to wager on, such as a team landing a touchdown or hitting a home run. Another innovation is the introduction of mobile apps where you can put your bets while on the go and while the games are happening real time.

3. Table Games

Table Games

There are two classifications of table games—computer-generated and live dealer games. Table games are those that require you to sit behind a table in a land-based casino. Examples of these are blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

In a live dealer game, there is a real person that deals the cards or facilitates the games during live streaming. You place your bets on your computer screen, and the dealer who is on another side of the world will run the game. You can chat with the dealer and feel like you are in a land-based casino. In a computer-generated table game, there is no dealer. You only see the table and a recorded announcer.

4. Poker

Game developers made it possible for players to compete against each other in virtual poker tables. The most popular is Texas Hold’em.

There are many choices here, and you can pick the size of the blinds where you feel comfortable playing. The game rules are the same, but the playing experience is made easier.

In your computer screen, there is an area that allows you to see your hand. The computer automatically assesses your strongest possible hand, so you know if you have a straight, a pair, etc. What this entails is you cannot go wrong. In a live table, you can mix-assess your hand, thinking you have a flush because you thought that one of your diamonds is a heart.

This is a crucial mistake, which you will never make while playing online.

There are also regular tournaments that allow you to win more than the cost of your buy-in, even if you only won third place.

The other beauty of this poker game is that people will never see your face and assess your playing behavior. They will not see if you are nervous or if there is a smile on your face for getting good hands.

5. Scratch, Bingo, And Lottery

Scratch, Bingo, And Lottery

Software developers also produce scratch cards. The concept is the same as the scratch cards you buy in convenience stores. You buy a card and hope that the hidden symbols yield a winning combination.

The bingo rooms offer different card prices and different jackpots. However, the bingo rooms have schedules so you cannot play any time you want.

The lotteries vary in terms of the number of balls drawn, but they also happen with the same precept as the national lotteries held in any country.


Game devs have a lot to do with how the gambling industry was shaped over the last two decades. In the future, we can expect more innovations from these companies as they compete for the top spot. And they will be relentless in doing this. As they produce better games, they also attract more patrons, which means they will earn more money.