7 Great Back Pain Remedies To Try This Year

Managing Lower Back Pain

Published on January 13th, 2020

Pain is debilitating and takes the joy out of living. However, as much as people try to avoid pain, many people are struggling with it because of factors such as age and lifestyle habits.

Back pain is a common complaint and happens due to sitting at an odd posture all day. Most jobs today require people to be on a computer, and sitting causes the vertebral joints to weigh down on each other.

Sitting creates a lot more force, which increases the possibility of back pain. Sitting causes compression in the spine, but an upright position gives more proper alignment to the back.

If you suffer from back pain, it is crucial to be pain-free for this year so you can enjoy the rest of the days ahead.

The following are some great back pain remedies to try this year:

1. Sleep Better

Sleep is necessary for normal functioning, but you may not be getting the best sleep if you are suffering from back pain.

It is a vicious cycle because a lack of sleep aggravates back pain. What you can do to relieve back pain when sleeping is to use pillows as support for your back.

When you are sleeping on your side, position the pillow between your knees so the spine will be in a balanced position. If you are sleeping on your back, position a pillow under your knees. Make sure you are sleeping in a comfortable mattress that supports the spine.

2. Keep Moving

It may be counterintuitive, but you have to keep moving despite the back pain. Bodies are made for moving, and you have to stay active and keep doing your daily chores.

If your back pain is severe, do lighter chores, such as making the bed or cooking breakfast. When the pain has subsided a little, you can do more complicated movements, such as joining an aerobics class or cycling.

This will keep your body flexible and your back mobile. Exercise also helps release pain-relieving endorphin chemicals in your brain. Don’t do strenuous activities, though, such as running a marathon.

3. Practice Good Posture

A slouching position just makes your back pain worse. If you sit for long periods, the pressure on your vertebrae becomes heavier. Never slump or slouch and try to be conscious of your posture.

Sit in an upright position. Your shoulders should be relaxed, and the chair should support your back. Put a foam or pillow between your lower back and the seat while keeping your feet flat on the floor.

4. Strengthen Your Core

If you feel that the pain in your back has subsided and is mild enough to allow you to do some exercise, focus on core strengthening.

Work on the muscles that support your back, which include the back extensor muscles. Strong muscles in this area help you achieve proper posture and alignment. It would also help if you worked on your pelvis, hip, and abdominal muscles.

5. Get ergonomic Furniture

You can modify your work space to make it more back-friendly. Get ergonomic furniture that supports your body well enough so you wouldn’t have to hunch forward just to have a great view of your computer. Also, consider getting prescription glasses so you wouldn’t have to hunch all the way forward to see what is on your monitor.

6. Get Pain Medication

Pain can be managed by getting medication since the chemicals of drugs bind to the receptors in the body, a process that helps mitigate the sensation of pain.

When you get medications over the counter, you will encounter at least two types. NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen. Both these types have side effects and can damage your liver and kidneys in the long term.

There are, however, newer choices in the market that promise pain relief without the side effects. CBD is a popular choice for any pain, and the opioid kratom also has some pain-killing features.

Certain strains of kratom provide effective medication against pain, especially those that have seven-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine content. You may know more about kratom by taking a look at KratomSpace.

Talk to your doctor when starting on any pain medication to ensure that it will not harm your health.

7. Take Antidepressant Medications

You may not be depressed, but antidepressant medications may be prescribed by your doctor. Antidepressants work with the brain and neurotransmitters, the same areas that control pain sensations.

It has been found out that the chemical makeup of antidepressants can have an influence on the pain receptors in the body, thus relieving pain.

Final Thoughts

Back pain is especially uncomfortable when you have a job to do as pain interferes with your concentration and focus.

Countless dollars have been spent by people on back pain relief; on your part, however, you can stay pain-free this year by adopting healthy habits, following your doctor, and considering new types of pain medication that work effectively and have little to no side effects.


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